Nilotes are. tallest, thinnest ,fittest people on earth


On average yes. Which tribe has the most mbilikimo? Wakamba? Taita? I’ve never seen a mtaita taller than me :cool:

Wajakas are nilotes, but a little obese.

So you are a short put,I now believe you are a cursed moron and understand why you have challenges in making money.Noone can believe in you

Great post.

Luos are among the tallest people in Kenya, if not the tallest.

But wamenona ama mimi ndio sijafika oyugis

Luos are mostly mesomorphs, rest of nilotes are ectomorphs.

Na sura personal too

Unatafta boyfriend??

They have been sedentary for a long time unlike other Nilotic pastoralists.

That’s a contradictory statement.

That you tube channel is usually riddled with inaccuracies and racist stereotypes

Luos are obese

However hard you deny you aren’t a tribalism, your deep seated hatred against the tribe always manifests itself.

Oneni hii nugu. Wewe si ulisema umehamia twitter?

@captain obvious kuja uvuruge hii mbuzi. I give you permission to unleash hell on the boy.

Enyewe you own the site

Petco nyamazisha iyo kinembe yako yenye inavibrate