Nilotes Are BAD Managers. Tell Me Any Of Their Successful Society

Without Bantus Subsahara ingekuea still in the Storage era. Look at South Sudan, that is how things would be like.

South Sudan ni Kipmeno in the south and Tugege in the East. Only the western part has Omieri relatives

All Bantus should have been auctioned as slaves.

Africa could be better without Bantu spineless cucks

Kipmeno are cousins to omieri. They are all nilotes… Hi CBC is pathetic

Thieving bantus have accomplished nothing too.

Nilotes in Kenya are Luos, kalenjins, Turkanas, Maasai. Then the two tribes in south sudan. Karamojong in Uganda

Then how come they control most of Africa. Useless Nilotes kama Jaruo had not discovered clothes even in the early 20th century.

True southern African countries have a healthy percentage of Bantus that is why they are peaceful and relatively stable

Support your claims like @il torobo does.
Talk about Old Town Meroe and compare Nilotic civilization with bantu civilization and etcetera

Congo ni nilotes sindio

Stealing is hardwired into them but if you translate their languages stealing = Safe keeping

Great Zimbabwe, Baganda and many other ancient civilizations flourished under Bantu Kingdomships

It’s important to learn your geography. Under what criterion do Nigerians fall? Or West Africans. Is there anything like Bantu or Nilote classifications in those areas?


Is there a nexus between whatever you’re alluding to, however trivial, to pastoralism and a nomadic lifestyle, as opposed to (Bantus’) agriculture? @Sambamba

tribalism is low i.q

You could say the same for the cushites and their war-torn countries, largest Bantu country congo is literally a shithole by all manner of definitions

Niaje nephew ya Salva Kirr

Who came up with this fvcking Nilote grouping? Eti they came from the nile? so egyptians are also nilotes? can anyone share THREE thing common to Luo, Turkana, Iteso, Nandi and Purko?

Some random european anthropologist who did not even understand the languages. I think the grouping is based on their migration route, hence NILOTES. The random european figured that they migrated alang the nile to their current locations