Nilichomwa nini? A short story.

So, I’ve been hooking up with this 23-year old chiq since January once every month. She’s been my only sexual partner for as many months. I always raw-dog her. Sasa the problem is, every time we fuack, napatanga PNC wazimu.

First and second time I boned her, her pussy smelled like death. I never imagined a coochie would ever give off such a horror smell. I fuacked her for like an hour before I could cum. Not because her cooter ni mtaro - far from that, iko tight mbaya - but because every time I caught a whiff of the odor emanating down there, my cum would retreat and the urge to would abate. Yaani nature was seeing to it that I don’t take chances “pouring” into such a pudesh but my primal instincts to cum inside were just too strong. Gave her dough ya ECPs although she insisted yuko safe days both times. Besides the smell, nothing else set off any alarms. I did note though, she had problems with lubrication and she did confirm so. Anyways…

Third time akakuja mechi. It so happened sikuwa nimemanscape for a couple of weeks longer than I should have. Remember I told you her cooter is tight, very tight. Sasa hapa friction ndo ilianza kutesa as my fudhi would rub against my deek inakuwa painful to the point hadi yeye anaifeel. I didn’t have lube because I’d never fuacked a chiq who had such problems before. I never got past two rounds as it was too uncomfortable kwanza when I was taking her from the back which. I very much love.

A day or two afterwards, before ninyoe, I notice whitish stuff at the base of every hair on my deek. Every time the hairs got rubbed, I’d feel pain and it only occurred at the particular points the hair is attached to the shaft. It pretty much looked and felt like those whitish painful “papules” you get kama uko na ndevu once in a while. Kidogo kidogo, I notice a tiny bump at every pube hair’s follicle. Hurt a little when touched. Sought no medical intervention but nikaambia dame lazima apimwe. She TOLD ME she was negative for any STDs (though aliambiwa ako na UTI) halafu ater about a week nilikuwa fiti, all pain and symptoms gone (except for the tiny “thundos” of which bado ziko kwa groin area) so mimi nikasahau story za kupimwa.

Fourth time, early last month, she came by but I used a CD. Two rounds in, nikasema sipitishi hapo. Pia I had started resenting her for whatever reasons and I just didn’t feel like deeking her beyond that.

Sasa on Wednesday this week, amekuja, literally begged me. Hadn’t planned for it so again, hadn’t manscaped. It went down but sukutumia kondiko. Two rounds in, friction tena nikasare. Happened just like the third time. Pubes on my deek hurt. Initially thought it was because my deek doesn’t get action on the daily but I never had any such experience with other women before. I fuack hard but not in a rough way. I know I’ll be fine in a week or so but I don’t wanna take any chances. I have a mechi lined up for next weekend with a certain chica na sitaki kuchoma ama kumchoma (I’m sure sijachomwa but I’ve contracted something from her) so docs in the house, what could be wrong?

PS: I’m done with that beesh. PNC with her nearly kills, na vile hiyo pussy ni tight albeit dry. Also tested negative for HIV last month so I’m relatively safe on that front.

First of all, she’s not tight, she’s just dry. Feels the same to the dick, but these are two different things. You know she’s tight if her pussy is dripping wet and it still grips your dick like a G-clamp. Second, how do you smash a smelly pussy raw, repeatedly. Have thou no respect for your phallus?

LUWERE!! Nyasaye akulinde.



20230423_203129.jpg you keep making the same mistake over and over again. Definition of insanity.

:D:D:Denyewe we ni @!Makmende mwenyewe… Lakini kijana ata kama umekosea mboro yako heshima…jiheshimu

A normal man condomizes with a chic they don’t smash on the regular. Wewe you went in on a chic who has most of the red flags even after your first mistake!. Go see a proper doctor juu huku utaambiwa prognosis is you are not a mbirrionaire…

Msiba wa kujitakia

Yenyewe you’re the Duke, but I do know a tight puthy from a cavernous one. She’s usually comfortable wet during the first few minutes and that G-clamp you’re talking about, she’s hydraulic vice.

:smiley: I didn’t catch the whiff until I started raw-dogging her. Man, that thing was putrid the first time I hit. I got used to the smell afterwards. :smiley:

Could be but that beesh don’t deserve lube. I ain’t ever again sinking my schlong inside that kuma.

A smelly coochie is a sick coochie.

Your diction tells you are an educated villager but your actions portray otherwise.

I’m unschooled. Just watched one too many flicks.

You beat me to it. Dude has great delivery

So unashuku umechomwa. And you have the guts to spread it to another chick?

Can’t you stop

Here I was, thinking I was naive.

boss, si ungeenda hosi jamani?

:D:D got used to the smell…

Uko tu sawa mister. Kuchapa two rounds per session despite the smell na kurudiarudia twice a month despite overwhelming PNC ni ishara ya great potential in that pussy. Tight cunts ni nadra sana in this high mileage city. Smells can be resolved by medical intervention but sometimes her natural pheromones are an indication of incompatibility. Get that lady checked out by a gynae. Invest in lube juu ni 400 bob pekee. Nimesema hii yote ingawa nilidump youngin fulani mwenye akiorgasm anatoa harufu mboff yenye ilinipea homa mbaya without fail . First time nilisema it’s a coincidence. Next time nikasema air quality is more important than tight poodesh.

Si pucci tight Iko dry nikama kuingia mkia bila lube