Nikule hii kifaranga ama nisamehee?..... She's only 19.

Last week Thursday my job takes me to a very busy City Centre Bus station.
Its around 4am in the morning and it’s all nice and quiet just the way I love it!

At this hour of the morning, traffic rules don’t exist as long as you are a truck driver delivering stuff.

The only other people around are coppers, taxi drivers,security staff, drunks , prostitutes and the homeless.

So I’m pulling up to this bus station to deliver some frozen stuff to the sandwich shop.

As I reverse back I spot a “normal” looking woman on my mirror and she is holding a suitcase looking totally stranded.
She stands out and just from the dark alley she’s at, I can tell this is not a hooker or a homeless person.

I hate having to make any conversation with strangers at this time of the night because if they are not homeless junkies begging for a bit of cash, it’s annoying drunks trying to be friendly.
Just leave me alone!!! …

Lakini as I get off my truck, the woman makes a timid move towards me and her body language reeks of a lost stranded soul.
Under the not so well lite alley,I struggle to make out if she’s Asian or a ‘pointi’.

“Just ignore her”… The inner voice in me tells me.
After all,I have a busy day ahead and this is my first drop of the day staki nuks!

But she is in my way so I do the polite thing… “hi! …you alright?!.”. (typical English greeting)

Kidogo, the ‘pointi’ broke into tears!

When I got up in the morning I didn’t anticipate this!
But I can’t help but stop and pay more attention to this helpless creature.

She is a ‘pointi’ alright!
And although I’m yet to meet an ugly ‘pointi’, this one takes the biscuit!
Haki mtoto ameiva and she is wearing skin tight jeans zinatoa figure ya Rasa and full thighs and I swear her tits were both pointing at me.!..

“Get a grip, she looks young enough to be your daughter!”…
That’s what the voice in me told me.

So I ask her if she needed any help.
She explained to me that she is new in town and that she is joining the local university.
Some relative was meant to meet her at the bus station and accommodate her but she arrived too early and their contact was not answering their phone.

All these time I just look at her like I would see any of my nieces and there’s no way I’m leaving her here with all the junkies and dodgy looking characters.

Nikamwambia please get in my truck and give me five minutes to make this delivery it’s warmer in there.

Hakukataa which took me aback juu enyewe I don’t trust anyone at this time of the day.

All the time I’m offloading shyte my head is in a spin!
What if she is a headcase ?
What if she is plotting something against you?
What if she’s jail bait?!

But the positive vibe in me is telling me that I have to help a stranded sista!
Who else is going to help her if I don’t?!

Anyway, I offer to take her to her contact’s address but she doesn’t have one.
She also doesn’t have any cash and what good would cash be if she can’t take a taxi?
So, the only option is for me to drive around with her as I make a few more drops in the city and hopefully her relatives would phone her up .

Hapo ndiyo nilijua she is 19 years old and a daughter to a single mother jungu woman.
She has hard a tough upbringing growing up in a very dysfunctional environment but she is ambitious and is determined to make a difference for her and her siblings.

She is witty and more friendly than meets the eye and in no time she is totally comfortable and giggling like she totally trusted me!
And she told me that too.

By the time she finally got in touch with her relatives, we were like old friends and she actually asked me for my digits akanipatia hug ya nguvu!

Didn’t think any more of it juu ya zile drama I encounter most nights ni too much.
But I couldn’t get her pretty face and sexy witty charm out of my head never mind the nice smell she left in the cab of my truck!

And then she goes and texts me on Friday.

Ati … " hi stranger! Thanks for evrting yestday. Please let me know next time you in town we should hook up and you can show me around! XXXXX…"

Hiyo part ya kisses got the better of me and although I felt like a right Nonce, I went ahead and texted her back.

We have been texting back and forth since and we are now at the stage where she actually is calling me her DILF! (Dad I would like to Fuck!)…

I am driving to pick her up tomorrow.
She is of age but I have never been with a woman half my age it feels weird.
I am so nervous I feel like a paedophile in a school bus but what to do?.

Nikule hii kitu ama nisamehee?

Makende ilipona?

Summary kafunda kabla urudi ukiwa shosho

Mwanaume ukona kitambi na upara achana na watoto

Fyeka vitu.

Think of it the other way. Someone as old as you are nyemelearing your 19 YO daughter. Unfathomable!

Na venye nimekuja mbio…

Sina kipara by the way!
( Let’s get the records right! Kikikikkkk…)

Your story should be,
Me: (insert age)
Girl: 19 years

Hizo story ziingine andika setbook.

Mtoto akililia wembe mpe! Mpe hata panga:D:D:D

Thanks for the support bruv.
Its in trying times like this when you know who your real friends are.

What happened to the old taita dyke?

Ulikuwa unafikiri ni Maziwa ya nyayo?


Boss you are a poet…nimeisha lakini hii ni hekaya weka mbicha ama ukojoe na ulale

She wants to have me as an option so I have no choice but to leave her as an option.
I had fallen in love with her but I can’t share someone I love…too much stress.
If she comes I will bang her but sitashinda hapo nikililia mapenzi kama duanzi.

Kafunda, maliza hekaya ya venye ulirushwa nje na mtaita shoga, alafu ndio uanzane na hekaya mpya, MBAAAFFF!!!

I stopped at daughter of singo matha. Can we safely deduce that your job involves long periods of being alone?

Nilikuwa na leta CD

Ndiyo hii bus station penye nilimpata.


Silence is golden.