I had made a point of staying off KTalk for a while given the high number of juvenile delinquents we have here. Vichwa maji with too much time on their hands and access to the web. But recently I did two posts one of which was my response to an equally kichwa maji of the female gender that I was hoping to anua from tagged. Somewhere, I promised to tell the tale of why I ended up in tagged looking to score.

This is the tale of Grace.

So I had quick business in Mombasa that required me to spend two nights. I decided against contacting my kawa Airbnb lady, Zeituni. Zeituni has got these lovely Airbnb’s in Bamburi where I prefer to stay over longer stays and particularly if my work assignments are in the Nyali, Bamburi and Shanzu areas. But because I was to be in town I opted to explore alternative hotel accomodations.

I took the afternoon train to 001. Kufika I headed to Stadium Inn. At the reception I met this damsel who was looking somewhat like she was waiting to book or looking for someone or lost. I asked for a room but what they had were overpriced.

So I left to look at other places. This is when I heard, “Nikufuate?”. It was the young peng at the counter. Why not. So we went looking for accommodation. I got to know that she was visiting Mombasa for the first time on assignment too.

Eventually we got rooms and I allowed her to get the pick of the two rooms that were adjacent to each other. Since it was 9:00 I politely knocked at her door and asked her whether she wanted to eat. “On your bill?” She asked. Yeah. Why not.

This girl was young and was pretty. She looked a bit school going. By school going I mean college. 21 or 22. She looked innocent. She had an ass on her for days. Not too big. Not tiny. But well sculptured.

So we hopped onto a tuktuk. My plan was to take her to Bella Vista for starters. But on the way I sported Liwaza so I asked that we be dropped there. We ate our dinner as we conversed until ikafika time to close. She wanted to see the sea I took her to the ferry and we crossed one side and back.

We discussed many things. The lifestyles of the Swahili, the nightlife etc. This prompted me to take her to Casablanca to get a taste of the nightlife. If she was still in the mood and with energy I’d have taken her to the North Coast to more serious places.

After one or two beers. She was ready to go to sleep. We went back to the hotel. At the door was a long awkward pause. I asked her if she wanted to chat and she said sure. She came to my room and chatted for about 20-25 minutes. She now wanted to sleep. “You can sleep over” I offered. She was like sawa but I don’t have something to wear. “Would you offer me a tee?” I gave her my tee and she disappeared into her room. Shortly she came back wearing the tee over her jeans. She peeled off the jeans and there she was in my tee and panties. Mwathani.

That was the longest night I have ever had. We started making out and each and everytime we were getting to hit the honey pot she’d press pause. Analeta excuse. Nikishika huko chini she was wet as fuck. The heavenly scent of her dripping juices was turning me on ka shiet. She offered a blow job but my rod wasn’t looking for that. I needed to zama inside her to the hilt.

From 2:00 to 5:00 I tried severally wapi. I could also see she was struggling to contain herself. Sikulala. We woke up at about 7:00 and continued with the kissing and caressing. But not the smashing. At 9:00 we both got up to bathe. I discovered I hadn’t carried my cologne. She didn’t have toothbrush either. I went into town for them. Kurudi I didn’t find her. The hotel staff told me she had checked out. I was horny, I was pissed. But I also longed to see her again.

I got her number and we have chatted severally since. But I am torn whether to meet her or not. Part of me wants to. The other doesn’t. Hii mtoto ya Kinagofu aliroga elder. That is why later on that day I had to revenge on someone. Tagged had some ready and willing candidates. It was just a matter of picking. Lakini Grace wa Zimmerman…


Shida yako @Binge ni kuwa na hekaya za abunwasi, and when talkers call you out unakuwa emotional kama a buffalo that has lost its one-day calf to the lions

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Chunga Amina jini :smiley:

Shida yako ni ujuaji mingi. If I tell you something happened…it is because it did happen. I have given you an accurate timeline. But even if I posted her number, and picture and chats you would still doubt it …unless, it’s your girlfriend.

I have no time to seek relevance among the vichwa maji brigade. Which reminds me, after this post I am likely to slink back into my self imposed sabbatical because the only story that makes sense to you is how you kulad some chokoraa cucu in some flea infested lodging along River Road.

Hehehe…sio Amina huyu. Huyu ni Grace. Amina nashuku was some lanye I kulad long ago in my younger days. I was woken up to something scratching or crawling on me. It bolted out of a window but the lanye was still in bed “asleep”. Sijawahi Rudi Ganjoni since then.

Give executive summary. Meanwhile elders can watch this as they wait for it.

Hii ndo hekaya tunataka


I agree, hekaya ikuom…

Unakosaje kutomba mwanamke aliyejileta kwa kichinjio mwenyewe?

ama ilikiwa jini?

Ulitomba Maria jini?

Sisomangi ma hekaya za mafala wa kupanda train.No wonder ulitokwa na dem ka fala.Jinga.

Ahhh…a bit of additional information you might not need. She works for a construction company. In her own words anafanya kwa mjengo she oversees something. In the morning she had a call with the Architect and Engineer. I overheard them saying something like clerk of works. I am not sure that is her title. But what I think I am sure of is she is a boss of watu wa mjengo kaa wewe. Kumbaff.

Rusha nangos mkuu.

:D:D she is being loyal to me a man with two wives and three girlfriends.

We ulikula jini…ndo huyu hapa :D… lakini on a serious note,huogopi kuchota organ harvester ? [ATTACH=full]469247[/ATTACH]

:D:D:D She couldn’t have been an organ harvester. To do that ingebidi a private place not a hotel room.

Nice hekaya…