Nikubaya how true is this?

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations currently probing the murder of Sergeant Frank Kipyegon Kenei have told the family of another of Deputy President William Ruto missing guards to prepare for any outcome.
Together with Kenei who was found dead at a house in Villa Franca Estate, Senior Sergeant Cherono went missing earlier in the week after they were interviewed by top officials in DP’s office ahead of their presenting their statements to DCI.
Three guards, including Kenei and Cherono, who were in charge of security reception desk at the Office of the Deputy President, located on the second floor of Harambee House Annex, were grilled for hours to ascertain what they knew before they were to make a scheduled appearance at DCI to record statements.
Of interest to investigators, Cherono’s car remains untouched at the staff car park behind Harambee House Annexe and her phones have been switched off since she last walked out of the interview

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