Niko tu.

Hoping all of you guys are fine, im fine too but kindly let me give any business man worth his salt some advice.

Its never easy working away from home. All the odds are stacked against you. Take my situation. I delivered some goods (8 trucks) to a factory in Dar, on the precondition of cash on delivery. I usually bank with KCB when in tz. But this company, after delivery stated that i had to bank with CRDB.

I opened a dollar account with the said bank as was ordered, then things went downwards. The moment i tried withdrawing my money, in the banking hall, 3 uniformed cops were on me. I was arrested on monday leo thursday ndio nimetoka. Yaani bure tu.

Turns out, my competitor has been delivering bila hustles simply because he calls TZ home. All is ok, you can cut my legs off, but aiseee usiguze akili yangu.

End of rant. Atleast cell za tz hazina kunguni. Poleni and be safe.

Pole sana investor but when the deal is too good…

Anything against TZ hapa utapata ideas…pole na asante kwa kufungua roho…

Think twice…
Foreign investors here are treated like shit. Hehehe but trust me kuna pesa. Kama kuna Kenyans i know farming in Zambia? Mbona mimi niogope?

Just be wise,kuna siku nimeitishwa Cisco switches huko tz nika insist na cash ,deal was good but ive learnt to be more careful especially on big orders.

Pole boss…but usiogope, ukipata shida just tell me. Will do all i can to help.

Anything you do in TZ, assume you will be explaining yourself before a court the next moment. You need to make sure uko na more than necessary documents to support whatever you are doing including movements. Otherwise you are guilty until proven innocent.Ulitoka vipi?

After availing my documentation…Nimeenda kutafuta food, then kulewa kidogo. After making sure i have my money with me. Nikuje home kwanza. I miss being home.

Wewe yule maasai conman?

Pole. Ukiwa TZ always be prepared to quarrel with the law enforcement.

The worst thing you can be in Tz is a working Kenyan citizen. Kwanza wakiona hiyo passport ya Kenya uko pabaya.

Best thing with tz ni kutoa vitu huko… Na useme wewe ni Mtz…mimi mpaka mtwara Naenda na Sipati shida all because I say am a Maasai wa arusha:D

Si huyu.huyo anaitwa @dark massai

Busherian mwenzangu tuliza nyege.

Eeeh,mangufuli kaambukiza nchi na ujinga.
Bure kabisaa.

siesi igopa although TZ ni meffi 2 they hate kenyan sana, mimi na plan ku partner na Babu wa luliondo tuwauzie muarubaini na mugwanugu

Pole sana mzito, na vile wa tz wengine huuza ngombe pale farmers choice wanaringa na madem wa Kenya.

pole sana boss, kuishi kuingi kuona mengi

Utapigwa risasi za macho zote my fwen.
Get a lacky to do that dirty work. Transport to and fro patia yeye 5k
Dereva wangu was eldoret I give him 3k per trip

So what did the company managers say after umetoka na how did you make them pay you?