Niko na swali... Kwani matara was drugging his victims

Sielewi vile dame kama Scarlet alidungwa visu na hakuna mtu alisikia her crying for help despite the Airbnb being in a residential apartment… The same applies to the rest of his victims… How can you torture a lady for two days in an Airbnb na hakuna mtu anasikia screams… Was he drugging his victims

1 hour no reply.

U know the drill. :closed_lock_with_key: :lock:



It was 2days?? I thought it was an overnight ordeal?

Music system on blast

I just realized @mzeemashavu is a psycho and he’s asking for advice on how to torture a woman for two days without anyone knowing

@Agwambo_Official @JamJinga wewe.


mashavu is not a pyscho but he loves pussy…Bring your sister’s pussy i dismantle it