Niko na stress.....

Fellow talkers, I’m back to square one, i had invested alot of money on some venture that did’nt turn up to being what i had expected. As is usuall kwa kazi kubwa some percentage of the money was not mine. Sasa kuna some guys walireport kwa @pamba. Hiyo nimezoea but coz of my reputation, nilitoa pesa somewhere else niwalipe. Its sad coz all ive done this year imeenda hivyo.

Shit!! Najenga, i’m supposed to avail money to my contractor on wednesday. Sina cash/capital anymore but all is well, we live to fight another day. I’m in zambia right now, boarded a plane from dar just to get away from everything. To cut the long story short, i feel like nime struggle kupanda 5 floors in a long while but nimeshuka 4floors in aweek. Mapadlock ni doggy tu. End of ulevi rant. Poleni.

For now wacha huyu anitoe stress. Be safe wherever you may be[ATTACH=full]189983[/ATTACH]

Waaah pole Sana msito

Haina noma boss, im like a boxer, my record now is so many wins but i’ve been knocked down a few times, including this. So niko poa.

Viatu plus jeans ni ya makanga. Malaya and the place u are looks like Sabina joy. Alafu unatudanganya ulipanda ndege uko Zambia. Danganya maasai wenzako

I was there not long ago when i used to mind/worry about what i wear, and specifically what brand. But trust me, its all useless. I once sold a truck in juba sudan. Few days earlier, i had been robbed mpaka ile nguo iko kwa mwili. All i had left was an oily mechanic apron but shock on you nilipanda KQ na apron ya mechanic to nairobi. Anyway…Inaonekana unapenda makanga na malaya kwa raha zako as people from somewhere say.

All will be well…Be safe

What do they always say about what goes around?
It’s your turn to be had.
You had all the luck, now seems the tide has turned.

@Mathaais luck ni ya gamblers and i ain’t one. I just took a wrong turn.

Huwezi kuwa lichoti,he has extra appendages. .yako ni normal :D:D:D

kama bado unaweza kupanda ndege na kununua ngono uko poa

Wewe ndionule msee niliskia alihepa na Actross Flani ukauza had I nabmzigo ukaenda underground… M

Sahii sex is a basic need, what surprises me is how people don’t know me and what ive been through…

Nani huyo, nisimpatie job bila kujua…kindly mwanike hapa. Thanks.

karma is a…

There we go talkers, Peasantry is real.

Hehe…maasais deals are not always clean. Ndawo, hii biashara ilikuwa Bongo ?

Pole mla chake. Bora uhai. Utapata zingine kesho. Take care not to slide into alcoholism and depression

Yeah its Tz, have never done biashara that wasnt clean…wouldnt risk my or anyone elses money on a venture i didn’t believe in. @kah tony why would sharing my failures make u think i’m somehow a con? Its normal, normal, making wrong turns, trust me, i’m a better, brighter, wiser person than i was a week a go. Tz sitoki na sihami. Will inbox nikirudi Nairobi.

Hiyo ni kawaida ya mwanaume…pick yourself up dust yourself and get into something else ata kama ni sabina joy residents.

all will be well

Think I had mistaken you for dark maasai.Pole for your misfortune.