Niko na Kiuliso ya Blackberry Z30

Villagers wagani utumia [SIZE=7]Blackberry Z30 [/SIZE]and what are some of the pros and cons. Nimechoka na Android

Z30 ni android. Kama si ati unatafuta blackberry ya rahisi(Z30 is so outdated), why not look for the Blackberry Motion? Or Evolve? Or Priv?


Actually, the Z30 is a blackberry os handset but, alas, it came out back in 2013!!


… Iť appears like it is one lousy phone. Please stay clear.

Your best bet will be Blackberry Priv

z30 ni ya kitambo sana bro.

If you want to use BlackBerry because umechoka na "android " , blackberry os isn’t functional right now in almost every country in the world, except Canada, and will be turned off for good in a few years time from now too. Z30 is an old phone. The priv is first blackberry to run android but also you won’t get future android updates, and the phone has a problem with heating up, due to the processor it has. If you want, try the key1 or key2 or the full screen version blackberry motion. They all run android.