Nikki Haley's earthquake


@patco leta maoni yako hapa

Sore loosers. . Meanwhile Jan 6th is ratcheting up very fast after “archive release thingi”. Matt Gaetz is going to jail… Can’t ask for any more

Mteso Joe Biden is OTP. MSITO DONALD TRUMP 47th presden.

Atakuwa 47th kwa jela mtu wangu

Huyo akiguswa civil war kananuka. Penda sana America will collapse as a united states. Some states will split and become independent on their own. It will be a blessing for the whole world.

Hii splitting mtu wangu people have been talking about it forever but isn’t as easy as you think . Texas walijaribu but Rick Perry aliwaambia si rahisi hivyo as much as he wanted Texas to secede. What will put him in jail sio politics but judiciary. Judiciary is always non partisan and Americans firmly believe in it. Huyu jamaa utaoona

Wakiamua through civil war hivyo ndivyo watapata taste of their democracy which they export abroad.