Nightmares disturbing me.

Ever since I was a kid I don’t sleep on my back( kama maiti) because automatically I will get a very terrible nightmare. So I sleep on my stomach.

Is there any scientific reason ama nimerogwa, saidieni chifu pia alale vizuri kama nyinyi

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Me too.

Can’t sleep in my back. Either by my side ama stomach. Sipatangi nightmares but sleeping on my back nilishindwa.

Just pray before you sleep and sleep venye unataka.

I sleep on my back facing up and arms folded. My girlfriends back then could wake me up thinking i was dead. some with prayers that i was welcoming devil to suck me off…people bana

Niaje Sheikh. How was your trip to Uganda?

Mimi if I fall asleep on my back hio ni 100% guarantee lazima niote ndoto mbaya maze. And when I overturn everything goes back normal.

It takes two to tangle

Sleeping on my back is my favourite sleeping position. That way all your internal organs are relaxed, i.e. hazijafinywa, and you enjoy excellent sleep.

I read somewhere only 8% of people sleep that way and It can cause nightmares.[ATTACH=full]398618[/ATTACH]

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Kijana tafuta tu pesa ununue mattress ya adabu na uwache kuwekelea shetani. Kama bado unalalia ile mattress ulitoka nayo highschool then utakuwa unafeel hizi “nightmare.”

That’s why i don’t use mosquito nets ,they give me @Weird Nightmares

Lemme sleep that way. Will get back with results kesho

Sins committed by your forefathers ndio zinakusumbua

Chunga unaweza lala kabisa:D

sleeping on your back messes with your breathing dynamics, which means you are either snoring, your tongue has fallen to the back of your mouth messing with normal breathing etc. To fix this, your subconsious part of the brain the part that remains active when sleeping, not the motor part that allows movement, goes in to overdrive, giving you wild dreams which will eventually lead you to getting up and readjusting your sleeping position.

Your brain is just looking out for you

mimi my mind always tells me the most important and vulnerable part of my body is my chest . i never leave it exposed thus mimi lazima nilalie chest/tumbo to protect it from harm. nikilala na mgongo na picture msee akinipiga dagger ya chest , nikipigwa ya mgongo ill survive . thats my mind

Fat people have to sleep on their backs:D

Used to have bad dreams too nikilala on my back. Nasikia ni kama kifua ina collapse. I no longer sleep on my back. Nalala kifudifudi or on my side

I will pay attention to ways I sleep. I sleep on my side.