Nightclubs to shut down at 11 weekdays, 2AM weekends

Night club owners and staff, DJ’s, online taxi and bodaa mumefikiaa. Ati they operate from 7 - 11 pm on weekdays and from 5 on to 2AM on weekends. A proposal from a senator^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

Muslims want to introduce sharia law they killed Nairobi cbd nightlife now they are going for the jargular muslims are behind this


Bora wasiguse SJ, VIP and other danguros :grin:


They will ban the soliciting of lanyes from 7am-7pm

Hizi humbwer takataka zinaharibu kila biasala, si clubs si NGOs si companies kwani hizi Malaya zinataka nini ?


Under your watch, what professional advice can you offer?

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Unfortunately this one is just looking for some relevancy. If we could just start by implementing existing laws, shida za “club” zitaisha. Even just closing the ones near schools, hospitals and residential areas.

Doesn’t it depend on which was established first? Ujenge college next to SJ and expect them to move

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:green_emoji: :green_emoji:sa tano ndo sherhe huanza proper… who are these foos?


huyu anataka kuhongwa tuu na wenye ma club na bar… we know how Mpigs are using bills to ransom and blackbail entire industries…


Why such NIABM idea? Or we say your iQ just hit maximum level :level_slider:?


This things are put out there just to give fools shit to make noise about away from the real issues affecting said fools.


Thought such bill should originate from parliament not senyet

finance bill manenos ehh

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Hebu kwanza explain to an elder the meaning of this new age sheng umetaja hapo juu?.. what is NIABM, ni kunyamba ama nini?.. that said, subiri uone matokeo mister IQ


They bribed top cops to erect illegal roadblocks and enforce alcoblow. This led to death of clubs and those spaced were replaced by Somali restaurants.

Saa hio, countries with leaders who have brains like in Italy, they introduced free taxis for revelers who are too drunk to drive.

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