night talk:sexual fetishes

That was no fiction, u gave detailed accounts of how you used to ferk the ugliest girls in the village till your friends nicknamed you muthicanugu.We’ve got long memories kijana.


Why do you choose to believe that, and not what am telling you now? Let me put it different. Uliniona nikuact movie inaitwa KLost, tena ukaniona nimeact movie nyingine inaitwa ktalk. Does Harrison Ford take the same form in all his movies? That’s why even my handle (s) is/are different here. And they are also different in wazua. And different in ilovekenya.

she-male tuli.sha.kujua…

sasa tutaambia daily nation wakupee column ya kuandika

Wajameni huyu aviator ni nani?

she-male halisi


Ni chairlady wa CU ya KTalk.

International dick sampler aka unicorn?

aviator are you really Kawambui am ni impersonation?

Mimi ni aviator. kawambui was a KLost character.


If a shemale is confirmed it should be stoned in public

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umegonga ndipo

I talked to Kawambui jana n he said he is yet to join then comes along huyu impersonator… Nway kila nyani na starehe zake

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At least I can confirm that the one going by the name aviator is NOT Unicorn the international d!ck sampler. She of team patco
That is said with 100% surety.

That said,personally I just wanna fuck. Fetishes niliachia Haitians…

I second that.

IDS is here and am not aviator

muthica what? now that made my day