night running

just too idle with nothing to do actually.
at this time of the day
@Lola- come we mate dance all over again.
it seems everybody went home.
i cant seem to find any of my trousers,none at all hata pajamas.
a hekaya about a mafia doness i met in high school coming tomorrow.
i am regreting why i let her go

… eish are you high on something…
Post hekaya ASAP

Passing by



The mate dance ended befit even started?

Rora is not in the mood today…

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i see you spoilees and cock blockers.
you had to throw your two left legs in my dance

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what dance? she looked at the wall…

Who still wears pyjamas?

she could feel your eyes on her

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wewe mtoto

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I had this image of you, very bad ass person, cold, feared etc… Then you reveal the softest thing a man can say: you sleep in pyjamas… C’mon now you’re supposed to be sleeping in sacks and torn boxers!

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Your time shows 1.33AM? Lola is asleep or enjoying the stick round 3

wacha upuss.
that is what makes a badass in your books?

she dumped the sorry ass niga who was hitting it

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