Night jobs

Apart from being a Watchman, which other job is a person destined to be always reporting at night from 8pm-5am? Especially a lady?

Waitress , Lanye , Stripper

Kupack maziwa, night shift at a hospital, hotel.

Nurse, call centre attendant, doctor on duty etc.


Job ya dryfry artist

But she always goes every time at night

Asikudanganye eti M28 siku hizi inafunguliwa usiku from 8pm-5am…

She said about airport job or something close to that

Ameendea hii kitu

Airport job,either as a cleaner or those Airport Authority Security peeps or Airline Check in Agents,Pharmaceuticals in the production department (tablets,bolus,mixing,packaging etc etc),or even Technology in Telecommunications, Call Centre agents for eg Telco companies like Safcom,Banks like Absa etc etc.Even Judiciary as a court clerk when cases are too many etc etc
Chifu,never be quick to judge,yes there are the kawaida malayas and the likes who are the minority outliers but this kijiji is prepared to judge any woman who works at night to be a hoe(which is a total lie)especially with the team mgowchietha almost dominating the forum.Am sure you have seen the hatred laden comments about the lovely single mums who bear the burden of uncouth lazy men who spew seeds aimlessly.Women are working the same,if not harder than men,to provide for kids,especially now that most men hate responsibility kazi ni kuzalisha na kupotea Karura.
If you are a man who was once married and divorced your woman because she was trying to support the family thru a hustle which required her to be away at night you will forever be meffi in The Enigma’s eyes.

ii hatusomi…wekelea nyaputhe ya pirot

Immigration and KRA agents… Though sidhani they do nights continously, maybe shift rota na watu wa day.


Niaje gay

Sema mama wa caprice


Data Entry.

Hapa Majuu the economy is 24 hrs and there are as many night jobs as there are day jobs.
The economy drives on 3 equal 8 hr shifts.
Only the very daft idiots would think all night jobs are dirty jobs.

She’s somebody’s wife.
sorry man