Night bills

Hon Junet: Mr. Speaker, All controversial bills, for strange reasons, are passed at night. They like darkness for strange reasons.

Speaker: Thank you, Hon. Junet. It is important to know many great things happen at night.


Asimio have really let this country down.
They never fought against the bill the way they were supposed to.


Yao ni hype na drama only. They couldn’t pin moses kuria in parliament.
Then u hear them calling ppl to go to the streets


How were Azimio supposed to fight?


So how were they supposed to fight it till the end yet everybody knew the outcome. I mean Gachagua himself said it will pass come rain or shine. & You know our honorable members, just like any Kenyan can & were bought (some allegedly for 1 mil). So how were they supposed to fight it!!?

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No one is given 1M. It is usually less than 100k

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No wonder bibi humchapa usiku

Are you agreeing with the speaker? Anyways you need to sympathise with the African mind, it is incapable of thinking beyond shaking bums and sex.