Verify ONLINE; this is 100% PURELY ON THE FLY TYPING; it would take ALL WEEKEND to type and proof read EVERYTHING, three years since I directly worked with the system, and I will gladly take any questions or compensation at till number; THE UNNIGERIZABLE HOMO SAPIEN :slight_smile:

=>A mzungu only cares about one thing; LOOKING GOOD.
=>Anything you confide in a white friend becomes collective fodder when he meets with another white man, to include virtually white strangers they just met!
=>NEVER BOW TO A WHITE OR ANY HOMO SAPIEN: Bowing to a mzungu will elicit disdain and disrespect against you.
=>Learn to DOCUMENT STUFF in writing, and spelling them out for clarificatiohn IN WRITING to preclude the classis he shaid she said nonsense.
=>Once a white person has a mark on you; IT WILL NEVER BE REMOVED.
=>When attacked by them, FORCEFULLY COUNTERATTACK THEM.You trying to acquiesce is simply SEALING WHAT THEY WILL ORCHESTRATE ON YOU irrespective or whatever approach you uses.
=>Always pin point sentiments such as, “Is it me as a person”, “I feel like a non-person”, I emphatically object and feel violated by"; ALL IN WRITING ALL CRYSTAL CLEAR. If you don’t, how do you support you will articulate your case?
=>Employ firmness talking with wazungu.
=>DON"T THINK YOU ARE INVULNERABLE because you have been UNSCATHED FOR 20 YEARS. When the rain comes it will pour on you, and with impunity, and lightning fast!
=>DON’T LOOSE YOUR DIGNITY INFRONT OF A WHITE PERSON, OR LET THEM BELITTLE YOURS. The lady manager had done that and I was so happy, for the response I gave her she will never forget.
=>They MIGHT succeed getting rid of you BUT DOESN"T MEAN YOU MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM:

In my case ENTRAPMENT DECISIVELY FAILED; Any person who know or has read at length what and how I discuss issues will find the attempts laughable.
They may employ tactics you cant counteract; E.g top of Lay Off List etc., BUT THAT IS A LEGALLY SANCTIONED reason to leave, as the employer you are going to has probably done it before plus it makes UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE EMPHATICALLY SUCCESSFUL.
I am using US, because it is the most quintessential melting globally, and ever for that matter. Over the year from the past, the adage; “conquerors write history” rings very true to this day; and explains religion and politics in the contemporary setting PERFECTLY.
At the moment US advocates for democracy around the world, notwithstanding the fact it is a classic embodiment of Hypocritical Exemplar! US is not a democracy, and never was envisioned to become one, but rather the vision of the then predominantly British Colonists and slave holders for that matter, was to preclude oppression from the British monarchy of the last half of the eighteenth century, in a vain not unlike that of the contemporary DC’s moto; “Taxation Without Representation”. There was a broad ranging sentiment among the colonists in the north American continent that the monarchy had them giving out too much, whilst being let to say too little; and the ebbs and flows culminated in the birth of perhaps, one of, if not the very the first nation-state as we understand it today. The vision was for a Republican Government with a decentralized power paradigm, as they had grown, and for good reason suspicious of “TOO MUCH CENTRALIZATION OF POWER”. It get the erstwhile precursors to devolution in Kenya had very distant ultimate roots!
Contemporary US is a “DUOPOLY” pitting the GOP and Democrats politically, with predominantly irrelevant deviations by ad hoc blocs of politicians who try to break off with a “third way”; but hardly ever significant to warrant any significant discourse; indeed, all the while during the afore political system, while the economic system is mostly manifested as a corporatocracy, which in effect, trump that duopoly, so much, US is effectively a corporatocracy. Corporate greed is the “RELIGIOUS CODE”.
Racism in the US is a well-known vice few like to debate but almost all know exists. Fast forward to the 21st century, the setting of my current discourse. In the US there appears an invisible hierarchy, that appears to be dominated by whites, though economically controlled by Zionist entities quite forcefully centered in the Wall Street. Minorities, and especially blacks are de facto second class entities, and it is sad that manyk especially African Americans bow to the white man in corporate America, for the “favor” of “giving them a chance”; thankfully though the trend is fading with time as US becomes more heterogeneous in racial makeup.
I will detail 2 instances and mention a third, in explicating just how whites execute NIGGERIZATION with impunity, contrary to what is “preached on the political pulpits”

=>Me: South Korea: Roughly a decade ago, working as an employee of SAIC as a Senior Systems Engineer (a Network one really) in furtherance of a defense contract SAIC had with the US Air Force Pacific Command at OSAN Airbase in Songtan, South Korea, and I had previously been affiliated with PACAF itself while on active duty with the US Air Force previously, and this at Kadena Airbase, Okinawa, a remote prefecture of Japan, famous for being the venue of military conflicts in the Far East Asia component of World War 2, and that led to the unfortunate Nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thanks to the tenacity of the Japanese in protecting their own, on the rationale it “spared a lot of live” than otherwise would have been the case and you can be the judge and jury as you please.
My responsibility was overseeing the classified network, within the Communications Squadron. Two white racist young sergeants exuded such repulsion one could vomit; over and over declaring the same geniuses, having I guess negated the “chema chajiuza kibaya chajitembeza”. The delusion was fueled by inexperience of their fellow Airmen, and might have gotten a rude shock if they attended that nonsense in corporate America. I quickly undid their delusions, and they did what they do best; asymmetrical warfare, and less than year later I was pushed out by their collective action and proceeded to Kuwait It was the first, but not the only taste of the white man’s malevolence.

Here I worked as a trinity amalgamation of; WAN Enigneer, SP Engineer, and Data Center Network Engineer, in support of over 15 countries enveloping all of the Middle East, small parts of the horn of Africa, and a modest foot print in South West Asia, beyond the Middle East.
I had a very friend from Nakuru called Steve Wainaina who was another leftie, but who could actually write, and razor sharp, literally speaking; for it takes a lot for me to use that categorization, and he worked as a Data Center Storage Engineer.
One Monday I “almost staggered” into work, reeling under the effects of Sadiq aka Chang’aa aka Propox Absolute Vodka! Kuwait is a dry country, with the caveat there is no dry country where homo sapient beings domiciled. I was immediately accosted, I almost ducked fearing there was an imminent inbound explosion in the making from well guided projectile with ill intended effects, but there was no such thing.
There was a connectivity issue in the Theater Data Center that had been in effect for 24 hours in the making, but this was the first I was hearing of it I tried to long into the N1KV virtual switches but there was no connectivity, so I walked to the sysops section to jump in form the VMware Console. Basically there was a Flex Pod instantiation; a 3 way all-in-one Data Center in place comprising Cisco, VMware, and NetApp; fielding a compute, networking, and storage trinity of a couple Petabytes storage capacity. I logged in and woke up in about 3 minutes and told them to downgrade the VEM/Virtual Ethernet Module (logical Line Cards of a switch implemented within the Hypervisor of an ESXi Host; with the “CPU” being located either within a VM served by the infrastructure itself, or a physical N1KXX physical appliance-ours was the VM variant. This piece was the VSM or Virtual Switching Module responsible for creation and pushing of policies to the VSphere’s VCenter). It is like your hard drive being upgraded to a level beyond the CPUs supported platforms! TECHNICAL DETAILS AT THE BOTTOM. The fellaz there vehemently denied what I had said, but I didn’t waste my time arguing with them coz I had done my job and went to my seat to do other worthwhile things. After completion of my day shift, I spotted Steve Wainaina, and walked towards him and told him in Swahili to have those idiots downgrade the demented upgrade that I observed from the logs. He asked me to come closer and explained that he knew what the problem was but had been shut down by the wazungu. I desperately wished I had been the one to pin point the issue; I’M PROBABLY THE BIGGEST MANG’AA ALMOST ANYONE EVER MET and I would have laid it down and shut them up in one fell swoop. You are used to do windows updates at home, where it does its thing in the background you don’t have to think about it at all; well VMware has something similar. If you run a Dynamic patching job in the VSphere environment, it pulls and installs EVERY single component that is not up to date, to include the very VEMs they had surreptitiously upgraded, instead of running a customized job to only select the intended component. THAT VEM UPGRADE WAS THE ENTIRETY of the blunder. He pointed it out but the white glutton shut him up, and the two wazungu fellaz were pretending to be very busy trying to obfuscate things and cause confusion, in order that they would be considered heroes once they “fixed” the problem they had caused. 48 hours later, or 72 hours since the outage began, a downgrade was conducted and proper connectivity restored.
The ruse was exposed, and Steve received a death sentence in effect from those wazungu fellaz. I flew out to Baharain for 1.5 weeks and suffered that FULL BLOWN DELIRIUM TREMENS ATTACK. A very dangerous form of whiplash from sudden cessation of prolonged bouts of inebriation. I ended up back at work another 2 weeks after I returned, and upon reaching work, Steve was gone! “What happened? I asked with incredulity”, and it was stated Steve had to be let go because he was proving combative, and creating a hostile work environment; the exact kind of thing consistent with myself and UTTERLY contrary to Steve; who was just about as laid back a guy as you ever will meet!!

The DoD is the customer here and my company has a defence contract with them so I am the SME for the region. The manager on the Gov side had been styming efforts to get things working and when prodded to get things done, he launched asymmetrical warfare, knowing level well that my company will kiss his arse to get the next contract; and as intended they sprang into action as intended. The guy had refused to commit to a QUARTERLY REVIEW DATE, where my corporate leadership, the Gov, and myself go over the quarterly activities, and projected ones for the next, and his non-committal was protracted to the tune of 4 months. In the first week of January, an Engineer who stops by every couple months or so for a week to justify him remaining on the contract appeared. I realized he wasn’t telling me much. During the weekly briefing, the PM thanked him for securing a date for the Qurarterly review I had been prevented from effecting for 4 months, and to say I was furious could not begin to explicate it! I thought about it and got on my laptop and fired at the two; the PM and the Manager in charge of ALL US Air Force operations with the US GOV, the latter of which was administratively a direct superior; whilst the former an operational one; and told them THREE DAYS LATER IN WRITING that even if it was their plan to go around my back and bring this other fella to secure the review date, I would have helped them out in any way possible, from first hand experience with any ongoing issues, and that it was unprofessional I was learning about a meeting supposed to have been orchestrated by myself by a government employee, as had happened. I took note of all the recipients too, and looked out for any out of office email replies for those not able to check their system for whatever system and their date of return. Two days later, and FIVE DAYS after my realization of their sleight of hand, the lady manager, jumped in and pretended to be absolutely shocked by not being kept in the loop, despite having been a recipient of the congratulatory email from FIVE DAYS prior, thinking I am an idiot. I got a BIG HEAD bolted on a vertical trunk and bipedals, that is NOT VERY OBFUSCABLE!!! I am the obfuscator in chief, and this, perhaps 95% of the time , for anyone who ever paid any attention to things I post and idiots I drive out of my wall here in Kenyatalk; I am EVERY BIT THAT PRECISELY SAME FELLOW IN REAL LIFE; I DO NOT FOLLOW THE WIND AND I BOW TO NO ONE!!!
In the meantime , I had an Outlook issue that had rendered invisible ALOT of my email after I replaced my laptop, and not easy to dictate because I saw emails from everyone I normally confer with, not realizing those were entirely GROUP based email and NOT person to person, and when I caught on the problem, they stepped up and started attacking from all sides. Bombarding me with a lot of emails, questions, mentioning my name on random stuff, as though to indicate I was not keeping up with work, including a fella who had been at his job for A SINGLE WEEK talking as though we knew eeach other. I turned on my prefrotnal and trained my perisope on each one of them and began shootihg them down. I remember, a time I had to telecommute and knew the lady manager would say shyt, so I gave her a heads up using my GMAIIL, which I’m pretty sure she has no folder of, and thus would likely miss with all the email flying around the place. She came back and said a b c and d I want you to schedule before not the day of, and I referred her to the Sunday message, and they launched a myriad more attacks that I kicked back pone by one, BEFORE LAUNCHING MY COUNTER ATTACK PROPER.
Anyone who reads my entries, will oberve a trend of not being understood, and most unbeknownst, then inferiority complex afflicted ones speaking of copy and paste, along with others, what dictionary I had on my side writing; the idiocy is amazing; time sequencing the entries and response times PRECLUDES any such thing, and what I write is a byproduct of my countless dissections of just about anything you can think about, such that, quite often ,I don’t recognize I had typed certain messages; and I have more than few times googled some puzzle and read my own entry in elation someone clicks wiht and I will get my answer, to realize the doppel gangers in here a single northbound VAT!
Anyway, I have crafted emphatic rebuttals of A LOT OF THINGS, and they have no idea precisely what I am shutting down, and I have progressively done it, they became hestitant throwing anything at me, because any new email, quickly turns into part of my WRITE UP AGAINST them and simultaneousy KILLING DECISIVELY those very attacks. During the weekly call yesterday they tried to begin and I shut them up in less than a single sentence as soon as they began and they shut the hell up.


I will show case a trinity of companies that effect a 3 in 1 Data Center Solution; Cisco, VMware, and NetApp. The collaborative effort spins up an easy to built with minimal physical foot pring and space constraints data center solution, that is easily expandable and customizeable for an Enterprise of almost any size
=>Cisco UCS B Series Chassis e.g 5108:
This form factor supports 4 full width blade servers, 8 half width ones, or any combination thereof, which manifest as “ESXi Hosts” for deployment of many “VM Guest Systems”.
On the uplink there are two vertical modules on the center and one side at the back of the 5108 Chassis that constitute Fabric Extenders/ FEX (Like an extension of an arm of something else), to include 21XX series, 22XX series, etc. and there are two pairs of the same to ensure separate fabrics A and B for SAN traffic.Speeds may be cumulatively 20G or 40G per fabric(40 or 80 G totally).
There are modules on the motherboards, such as the M81KR which effect the VNIC and VHBA Functionalities(Virtual Host Based Adapters for SAN; and Virtual NICs for ethernet-not to be confused with a VM Guest NIC, which is a logical contruct acting as an uplink for a VM Guest System.
The ESXi Host, leverages the concept of Distributed Network Switches(such as the inbuilt VM one and third party flavors such as Cisco 1000V N1KV virtual swtich (they have the feel of legacy network switches, and as such network engineer tend to control it as such for consistency in the security posture from physical to virtual network infrastructure). Generally conducts direct forwarding between VMs residing in the same system within the same vlan/subnet, while using the northbound physical network to route between subnets.
N1KV is an instantiation of a Distributed Virtual Network Switch for the ESXi Hosts and it consists of two components: VSM and VEM.(Virtual Switch Module and Virtual Ethernet Module).
They mimick the behavior of a modular network switch such as CAT 6K, with a supervisor module/CPU-such as MSFC, SUP2, SUP6T etc. and an arbitrary number of “Line Cards/Modules” which provide ports for physical switches to plug in, and the module to module is conducted withing the backplane of the modular chassis. The N1KV on the other hand uses a VSM/VEM pair.
VSM: Virtual Switch Module: This constitutes the control plane of the distributed virtual switch. This is equivalent to the Sup or CPU in the 6K, and this is where configurations are coded before being relayed towards the VEMs, and this is done OUT OF BAND or rather using the “physical network outside the ESXi host to reach other esxi hosts or the rest of the real physical network”. VSM may be implemented as VMs or as Appliances; our case was VM. The VM variant theoretically creates potential chicken-egg problems because, the VSM has the Brain that creates port profiles for guest VMs and publish these to the VCenter as read only port groups in the VSphere., because they rely on their own VEM for actua propagation, thus "SYSTEM VLANS’ that bypass this caveat such as control and packet vlans are used to intialize communications, and VMware parlance coins these as vmkernetl vlans.
VEM: Virtual Ethernet Modules: virtual Line Cards implemented within the Hypervisor of each ESXi Host that effectively constitute the dataplane. They provide “virtual ports” in software called vethernet interfaces to act as the uplinhk of individual Guest VMs(via the virtual VNICS-different from the physical ESXi Host VNICS). Again, the ESxi hosts directly switches between Guest VMs in the same Vlans directly, while relying on the phyical network to go between the vlans, to ensure true vlan/subnet separation is enforced. Theoretically speaking, the VEMs don’t need the control plane when working, but system changes can not be made when the VSM -VEM physical connectivity is lost since the instructions will never reach the VEM.
ESxi VNIC: This functional is typically TIED to the N1KV uplink to provide onnectivity from the Guest VM to the “REAL PHYSICAL NETWORK”. A socket on the motherboard such as M81KR connects to the Fabric Extenders via traces on the system board called KR Lanes, and these consitute the VHBA and VNIC functionality for SAN and Ethernet traffic respectively wrapped in ethernet frames, hence effecting FCOE, which is hte mode of communication from the Fabric Interconnects/FI to the 5108 Chassis resident ESxi hosts.
CISCO FABRIC INTERCONNECTS/FIs e.g. 62XX: These are the components that a software suit called UCSM(Unified Communication System Manager) to tie all the enveloped functionalities of compute, networking, and networking together. These are typically a pair of 1U pizza boxes that control holistically the entirety of the Flexpod. It can support unified ports, while remaining a single physical port; either ethernet flavor or fc flavor dependig on configuration.

=>Guest VM Server;
=>Guest VM VNIC (logical uplink to Virtual Nexus 1000V V-Switch);
=>=>ESXi Host VMNIC logical VMware Construct, which really is the “N1KV Distributed Virtual Switch Uplink Pretending-To-Be-But-Not-Actually-Physical-But-Rather-A-Logical-Uplink” is coupled to the Physical M81KR Socket on the Blade Server/ESxi Host Motherboard to relay traffic from southbound Guest VMs as the traffic flows northbound from the Guest VM to the physical network further up, traversing KR-LENS on the Blade Server Motherboard, and exiting the UCS 5108 Chassis through the FEX Ports to proceed further northbound towards the FI;
=>Fiber to Fabric Interconnect Unified Port (Physical Port capable of simulating VHBA or VNIC, for SAN/Ethernet traffic Respectively via FCOE technology-therefore, the VNIC/VHBA ESxi Host to VNIC/VHBA logical constructs for Ethernet vs SAN traffic on the UCS B Series Blade Server Motherboard to Fabric Interconnect Port constitutes a “Laptop LAN drop To Wireless Router Port” Analogue; in a nutshell VN-TAG TECHNOLOGY);
=> NEXUS E.G. 5K: The Nexus Device connects the Northbound Real Physical Network, to the Two distinctive Southbound physical connections; one to the F.I, the other to the NetAPP Storage Arrays under the control of a NetAPP FAS Controller respectively;
=>NEXUS relays northbound traffic via a ROUTER/SWITCH and thence the rest of the physical network, and the router/switch will likely act as the “Default Gateway” for all Guest VMs anytime they try to access a system in a different Vlan or subnet.

FI Southbound Connectivity: This is typically executed using FCOE and regular ethernet, for SAN and regular Ethernet traffic respectively, and the FCOE in turn is jut a fancy way of wrapping iSCSI and porting it via ethernet as FCOE, and as such an evolution of the very SCSI hard drives from legacy PCs, but fine tuned for network connectivity. SAN traffic is relayed to the VHBA and the Ethernet traffic the VNIC; whereby dynamic learning is used to dynamically learn the MAC addresses for ethernet traffic much likie a legacy switch would. VN-TAG technology drives this type of communication.
VN-TAG: Is a special type of technique used to create “virtual port connectivity” such as between a VNIC to Fabric Interconnect connection analogous to a LAN Drop to connect physical laptops and servers.
F.I Northbound Connectivity: The traffic is typically directed northbound to a Nexus device for further propagation to the real physicla network, this leg leverages FCOE too. This is typically via one of two modes; End Host Mode with Static MAC Pinning, or, “Switching Mode” with dynamic MAC Address Learning, where the former mode is recommended. With the MAC Pinning Method, traffic from the south is directed towards a specific physical uplink, and LAG aggregation such as etherchannel is recommended for the uplink for effective resilience opposed to disparate autonomous physical uplinks, that the aggregation protocols benefit from.

Broadcast Traffic: This traffic creates interesting behavior due to lack of preordained trajectory of broadcasted traffic, such as DHCP requests etc.,thus a special port is selected and used for such communication, and RARP or Reverse Address Resoilution Protocol is used to signal to the northbound devices whenever the link for for forwading switches from one side to another with cognizance of the fact the “MAC Pinning” is locally significant to the FI, and a means is needed to signal northbound devices of the change, thus the RARP dummy multicast packets realize the trick to effect predictable symmetric traffic flow, while precluding blackholing of traffic.
NEXUS SWITCHES: Nexus, literally the “interconnection of things” credits the moniker to its role in bridging SAN and Ethernet Traffic. Typically it is connected to the Storage Arrays such as the NetApp FAS controled storage shelves using physical ethernet ports that can double as either SAN or Ethernet ones within the FCOE machinations(wherein Virtual FC interfaces or VFC abstraction is used ot mimick traditional physical FC interfaces). The NetApp HBA and Server related HBA traffic, abstracted as VHBas act as Initiators in the SAN realm, with the Nexus device adopting the role of the Target for storage LUN access, and the respective FC protocols such as FCIP, FLOGI etc., are all realized within the Nexus device. Thus the Nexus device ties the southbound FIs, the NetAPP storage arrays, and the real physical network northbound.
The ESxi Hosts run VMware code and the VCenter is set up to control to the VSphere environment for the various ESxi hosts being managed.
The N1KV is configured with a Virtual Management Connection called SVS, which in turn is used to relay configuration capsuled coded within the VSM VM or Appliance NX-OS, and present in either an ESXi host or Appliance respectively, and the prescribed configuration capsules, such as port profiles are published to the VCenter control system of the VSphere, and this, resident within a VM within one of the ESXi hosts, though, the VCenter may be set up in a physical chassis to preclude serious chicken-egg problems that can result from insanity or failures whenever the VCenter and N1KV are hosted within VMs that cotrol the very ESxi Hosts that do control them, and as a matter of a fact I narrated a perfect example of the same in discussing the Data Center outage in Kuwait that happened when the VEM modules of the ESxi Hosts when a dynamic VMware patch was done that INDISCRIMINATELY every component that was not up to date, to include the VEM modules that were at the crux of the connnectivy problems described in this authorship.
It should be noted that, in our case, the VShphere environment was configured with two DRS/Distributed Resource Sharing rules that stipulated two fail-safe mechanisms; the first was an anti-affinity rule between the two VSM VMs as far as ESXi host residency, whereby they it was explicitly prohibited, the situation whereby, the two VSM VMs ended up in the same ESXi Host/Blade Server for obvious resiliency reasons, as well as a second rule that dictated that at all times it shall be the case that the VCenter VM MUST be collocated with AT LEAST ONE VSM mode, to alleviate the effects of the chicken problems that potentically could emerge, and it is one reason that left the set up in a setup that was semi survivable(VEM on Esxi Host hosting VCenter VM was excepted from upgrade, and thus provided a backdoor ack in) for troubleshooting purposes. Basically the delaying factor was difficulties in conducting the VEM downgrade to reverse the fiasco, which took a whole 72 Hours in
total as the wazungu attempted to cloud reality, to hide the ultimate cause of the disaster, but unsuccessfully so, thanks to the razor sharp mind of one Kenyan Data Center Storage Engineer from Nakuru Kenya called Steve Wainaina, and


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If you want people to engage your threads, you must try to keep it short and then expound further in the comments section. There are many other threads to choose from and you have just few seconds to catch anyone’s attention. Sande

You should refer to prior posts on the real reason I post. I have explained it in much depth and very many times for that. When I say I don’t follow the wind, that is precisely what I mean. It has nothing much to do with attracting people to it, which is not to say I entertain washenzi who run around pyuking their tabula rasas on peoples’ walls, and I drive them out of mine, and I don’t go to pyuk on anyone’s wall but I state a take on a subject when it interests me and that is that. In fact the reason I post is more contrary to that notion than it is consistent with it; small talk during sobriety gets old very quickly for me. I never have nor will hinge on approbation from anyone to chart a course forward. When I meet a lady, one of the first questions I ask is her age! why? why not? Mob psychology explains the political deadlocks, it explains the religious belief systems most prevalent, the veracity and validity of which people have somehow been fooled to believe are proven by the “number of the flocks” that jump on the wagon, all the while neglecting basic sapient behavior; the fact that people are on average programmed to follow the wind. They say madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results; indeed for the sake of clarity, my only madness is genetic alcoholism. My target audiences are not necessarily the 999 but the 1 who wants to broaden their ken.