Niggas not allowed to some special royal functions


If our sir Charles Morgan Njonjo was still alive he would probably have been invited. He was one of the few nyeuthis who were invited to Charles and Dianas wedding:D

What part of black NOT wanted… Don’t you get…

Tougue in the cheek bro:D

Harry Potter isn’t a working royal anymore so this is one of the privileges he loses. But that is a very boring explanation so racism it is.

Huyo knee garr angeenda backingham palace alafu aanze kudai chittlins na collard greens

Which kind of law prevents a kid from attending his grandmother’s funeral service unless there were irreconcilable differences between the two?

Black kid? … well, justifiably plenty

nini hii?
ugali na sukuma?

I meant Harry. Leave alone Meghan cause we know it’s outright racism

The fool

Rules are just rules… and human behavior develops rules …why do you reckon the royals came up with a black race specific law? Thuggery?

ule whitewalker mbuyu wa Harry, alidedi apantambua mwafrika