Nigerians pale Dubai ni kuchoma tu. Wame peleka ubonobo kwa MBZ


Hapa wamechoma. Is that an Arab car wamesmash

Niliwaambia you can predict with 100% certainty what will happen when 100 negroes settle in an area. This is exactly why white flight exists. It is also why Indians, Chinese, and Whites won’t let negroes rent in their enclaves. Its not always racism, our animal behavior is well-known world over.

Halafu mnalia ghasias wakiuliwa huko Morocco kwa camp.

Hio ghaseer inajua visuuuuri ni fellow Nigerians wanafanya ujinga lakini anatuingiza sisi wote kwa ngori. Ingekua ni kitu positive imefanyika I’m sure kingesema “look at how our Nigerian brodas are excelling in the UAE. To God be the glory.”


Hao waarabu racist fuckwits wafunzwe adabu ,

Na huku mnapatia Nigerians 3 months visas, na student visas wajazana kama nzi.

Kenyan borders only exists on paper, ona vile zoomalis wanaingia na kutoka at will , even Ethiopians.

Niggas from west Africa have some predatory instinct(unyama).They have always been meffi in my eyes.

Pale Marekani wako na hard data. 1 in 3 male negroes is a criminal compared to 1 in 20+ Caucasian men. Racism exists for a reason because nobody loves criminals. Yani ukiangalia an African American adult man, there is a 28.5% chance he is a criminal. With such data, why would anyone risk dealing with negroes, honestly?? We have too many fukin bad apples among us than they have.


No wonder North Africans wanakataa wao sio Africans. Bantus we should follow suit and vehemently deny the “African” identity.

It’s declining though. If the data is from the 90s and 80s, then it’s flawed because some felonies from back then have been reduced to misdemeanors. Also, people like Kamala Harris wrongly incarcerated thousands of Black men in California, Biden 1994 Bill also swept a large portion of Black people. However, even today, it’s still higher on average than others but not as high as back then.

Damn pia wewe umeona that shit. Hiyo nayo ni ujinga banae. Sasa innocent Kenyans and other hardworking nationalities watakuwa dragged into the melee because “muh African”

Stereotypes exist for a reason. They are based on patterns identified from large quantities of data. For example, women are less likely to be criminals compared to men. According to the data, the negroe woman is less likely to be a criminal compared to a white man. So, even the worst female criminal group is safer than the safest male demographic. Crime is a man’s forte and black men are the riskiest.

Consider this: you need 200 white women to find an ex-con. You only need 3 black men to find an ex-convict. That’s how risky men, particularly black men, are.

Your last sentence is very true:D:D:D

Huyo jamaa wa white saloon anafaa aanze kuona John Correira wa ASP. A car is both a transitional space and a weapon. Pita na ghaseer ama toka mbio sio kukaa hapo kama sitting duck.

Lakini hata wangetumia other modern weapons? Kwani hapo wako kwa msitu!!!
Uprimitive ingine haishangi, utaona jamaa na mishale huko


Hakuna haja ya ku-argue na stupid @Azor Ahai with his sweeping assumptions that he defends to death. The US government should be the last source of “hard data” about any race-related statistic, because the racist justice system heavily skews it against blacks. The idiot @Azor Ahai himuselefu tells us every day that only poor people go to jail.

So as a researcher, I can very easily produce “hard data” showing that in Kenya, poor people have a 90% chance of being criminals, because they make up 90% of the prison population. The US is one of the few countries in the world where a minority ethnicity makes up the majority of the prison population. It’s in the same class as other racist shitholes such as Brazil. I don’t care how violent African Americans are, those are not rational figures. That alone should tell any intelligent person that the system is deliberately set up to achieve those skewed results.

Hao wanakaa wale cultists wa Black Axe. Those niggas are bad news. Wanapenda machete sanaaaa.