Nigerians ni wanomaa banae

hata kama hatuwapendi hawa majamaa ni wa clever , jamaa anaiba 200 billion kshs from companies with serious security apparatus.

but Jaluo wa nigeria hawes tulia pesa ya wizi and uko all over IG ukitesa

but FBI pia ni watiaji nikiingia account ya Magufuli niibe wanatoka New York wakuje kunishikia nini na machungu

ii tuliona clichy akiwa kwa magoti

Kama ingekua mimi nachukua 1m dollars alafu naenda zangu.

wewe mtoi hujui Beijing conference usiwai comment kwa thread yangu ghassia

UliBuy simu lichotti?

They took him to California, that place is brutal.

Yaani Beijing conference hautambui Sokwe hii?

During my whoring days I noted traces of diapers and napkins burns on @Sokwe mtu butt area,though on the outside he looks older that Atwoli.He is a naive kid.
I have since seen the light papa,organize ka loan

Nigerians are brutal especially with our women. Godwin Ofwozi Chinedu pours his seed into his teaboy @Mimi Huwa Namwagiwa Ndanii every day but its all good, he gets some cash and photo shoots with Godwins toys as a perk

Uncle mbona una catch ma feelings?
These streets are rough.:smiley:

Ghasia! Tuliona before you fell in love with landwales!

:D:D:D mtoi wa 1999 ananipigia kelele banae

Homosexual @slevyn kuja hapa upanue hizo matako zako @uwesmake akuambie kama umeiva au la.

How will you get a new boyfriend if you don’t start putting your anus out there for evaluation?

I think he got those burns because @uwesmake was too vigorous on the lad’s buttocks. Despite having only 4 inches uwesmake has been known to rip apart many a young man’s anus due to his excessive use of vega 50mg pills.

It is a bit of a shame that a MoD is on such a thread with unsavoury comments…SMDH. But having said that, the manaijos have kulad and finished our naive sistas huku in the West. I know several girls cooling their heels in jails here for crimes that were lumped on them by the conniving Naijas. Kimtu kinachukua your bank details, plays dirty, clears his money before the MET police close in and flees the country. Unakutiliwa.

Our greedy naive ngeos caught with their pants down. Tumechoka…

The old man is not on duty,let him enjoy the streets as an ordinary talker would do