Nigerians Hit Back: #SayNoToXenophobia

MTN boosters set on fire

This will hurt SA . Nigeria is the largest market for South Africa owned MTN

Elder Stateman MM, hata hii unge merge na the rest of South African threads :D:D. Ate Nigeria thread…

Next, they will wonder why they are unable to make calls. It is foolish to say the least.

Sasa hawa bonobo si watakaa bila network coverage?

Hapo sawa kabisa. Bonobos reiteration.

see what the Naijas are saying
By Now, The South African Ambassador In Nigeria Would Have Arrived South Africa
By Now, MTN Would Have Been Nationalized
By Now, DSTV Signal Would Have Been Jammed
By Now, Shoprite Would Have Been Sealed Off
By Now, Nigeria Ambassador In South Africa Would Have Been Recalled
By Now, 20-40 Cargo Planes :airplane: Would Have Been Sent To South Africa To Bring Nigerians Home
By Now, Two Nigeria Naval War Ship Would Have Been Sent To South Africa
By Now, France & Germany Would Have Sent Delegations To Beg Abacha
By Now, Over 2,000 Xenophobia Attackers Would Have Been Arrested By South African Police, And Videos Shown To Make Abacha Calm Down…
Every Bad Man, Has A Time He’s Useful To His People.
By Now, Donald Trump Would Have Called Abacha To Beg For Peace
I Wish This Happened When The People’s General Was Still Head Of States…Then, They Would Have Known The Worth Of Nigeria
REST IN PEACE, The General! "

Na yule mokanika wa Kenya aliadhiliwa, what do we burn?

Not really, Nigerians also have Etisalat and last time I was there Airtel was angling for market share. Safaricom should now seriously pitch for the huge Nigerian market wang’oe MTN huko. Opportunities tupu.

Zambians too wameanza
Happening right now in lusaka zambia along great east road university of zambia students are closing down south african shops becoz of xenophobia. now all south africs hav closed down their business
They are marching to the SA embassy

DSTV and shoplite

What you call boosters are called base stations.

Thought so too, ha ha ha ha ha!

sande sana mwalimu half inch bonobo

South Africa is in a glass house. Their companies are spread all across Africa. They make more from African countries than those immigrant shop-owners will ever make there.

That said, a Soweto resident has no stake in MTN. Burning their masts in Nigeria has no effect on him. It will only give him more ammunition, saying they are reiterating after ‘their masts were burnt in Nigeria’. :D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D naona watetea baba mtoto…how does it hurt SA???who needs it the most Nigerians or southAfricans??Have you been to that zoo they call Nigeria

I tend to think someone set up the xenophobia so that we may kill each other as Africans, so that the inter Africa trade never materializes. We should simply as a civilized Kenyan state not to be dragged into this foolish utter low IQ garbage.

Wanafikiri watatumia Glo Yakata kumbe inafanya co-siting na MTN.

MTN in Nigeria employs NIGERIANS. It is like us burning Safaricom masts because it is owned by Vodafone

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D sooner or later we will start killing Nigerians in kenya.They are the most uncooth people in this planet.Its natural for a man to protect his land.We called it fighting for freedom in 1963…they will call it xenophobia in modern day immigration.