Nigerian woman against men in Olympics

Mixed relay event


Gas gas gas, humans are different and one of the determinant is gender.

Woke life is hard.

Men will transition into females, dominate in womens sports and that is the end of female competitions. Women will only dominate in the kitchen.

Trans women will be jailed in women’s prisons. Yet again, women will get the short end of the deal.


hehe true if were truly non civilized animals you have to have gas to run after her ndio you mate.sema genes in every male animal

Hii gender definition ni umaffi. Its either you are androgened or simply oestrogened. Hii mambo ya kujustify sex na majina 500, ni ukumanina. Na proponents wanajua at some point it will fuck them up some day. Msee kama semenya anacolonize madem na sport yao deliberately akijua akuna kitu mtado.
ION i think being ghey or lesbian uko majuu nashuku is sth seen as ‘cool’ and being straight could regarded as being shagz muntu. Fuck mzungu

The same thing happened in 2019. Women walikuwa wanapitwa ni kama wamesimama.

mixed boxing will be interesting

Wakenya ni wale wanoma