Nigerian scammer

Just received this:

Normally I’d be amused but for some reason this just pissed me off. How gullible do they assume people are?

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Umejiagalia, ofkos wamejua this must be a dogomothi

Toa uchokoraa hapa

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@Ngimanene-Na-matharo, use a language wi cya all undastan.

Oga master looked at a name like @Moxmox akajua this must be a very stupid fellow

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Well, they didn’t just guess your email address, you had to be gullible in some way for them to get your information.

They double down and hope you engage them.

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But that’s nuh fi him real name, him may be having English names dat get di scamma thinking him white.

Ukianza vita na @Moxmox haitaisha hivi karibuni.

Hata @Shiesty anajua

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Of course they must’ve lifted the email address from my social media. It goes without saying that I instantly blocked them.

The Laws of Probability applies in such scenarios…