Nigerian pumbavu has snitched on others


You can’t blame him…people are always gangster until there’s a sentence for them to serve…the moment wanapewa a plea deal they will always tell unafikiria 28 yrs ndani ni mchezo ata hio 11 yrs

Bro code has an exit clause

Alafu aachiliwe after 5 years due to good behaviour.

Akiachiliwa tu, you’ll know what happens to snitches. He will be crushed like a bilge rat that he is

Watch…what happened to Whitey Bulger…few seconds…dead snitch…watamudurder

Cipriani nyakundi ajipe Shuli.

Onyi wa Amerika has been ruthless na huyu Mnaija

You want him to live all those years without taking expensive whisky, wearing Gucci and having expensive wrist watches?? Huyu anapenda raha hawezi survive incarceration. He will snitch faster than you can say ‘Tell’

Witness protection.

Avoid ‘loud’ persons n all Wii be well

In what country? Jamaa atarudishwa Nigeria after his sentence.

Apparently it’s because he didn’t steal as much as was touted, and not so much about snitching.

By his own admission, during just an 18-month period defendant conspired to launder over $300 million,” the prosecutors said. “While much of this intended loss did not ultimately materialize, defendant’s willingness and ability to participate in large-scale money laundering highlights the seriousness of his criminal conduct.”

If Sammy Gravano snitched on John Gotti despite the obvious consequences then who is hushpuppy to snitch on some fellow yahoo boys from Enugu

True there is a certain guy on YouTube who just posts clips of so called gangsters crying and wailing in court after being handed unbelievable prison sentences

@uwesmake mgisu ghaseeer leta number ya huddah. Siwezi mind kugoteana na huyo ogaah umbwaaa puppy.

Secretary of state Condoleezza rice forced Nigeria president abasanjo to change the constitution regarding deported Nigeria citizens.
Once you complete your jail sentence in United States of America proceeding deportion, the Nigerian citizens will serve mandatory 2yrs jail sentence in their own country.
Hence, Hasspappi upon arrival in Nigeria will serve mandatory 2yrs.
Now, goggle will surface, type Nigeria jail.
Kamiti prison is a child’s play in comparison.