Nigerian Pastors/Churches Didn't Waste Time On Valentine's Day

When opportunity knocks…Why waste time? Open the “goddmn” door damnit:D


“deep throating and gagging…the christian way…”:smiley:

Icy Mikes and Dirty Sanchezing in faith:D:D:D

Reason why I stopped going to Church. All churches are scum.

@ mundu ya Arsenal @TakeOff nimegundua wewe ni jamaa uko na threads za uzito with evidence and content , si maumbwa kama @Freakazoid na @screwplus kupost gifs za umafi since 1820 as if alitoka kwa mkundu ya mamake .

keep it up .

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Igbos wako hivyo tu. No surprises there.

The only church I respect is ACK and I religiously tithe.

omba mkia polepole angoo

Mainstream churches anytime. Mainly because of structures of Governance, sio hii ingine ati Kanisa ni pastor, na pastor ndio Kanisa, and u can’t question his/her authority, then 99.9 of the times ni mambo na prosperity gospel.

Tea bagging and rimming, as practised by Mary Magdalene to Jesus.

[SIZE=5]Bukakke assembly seshen for slay queens Cum One Cum All[/SIZE]


Ukajua huyu ni nani utacheka :D:D

@Female Perspective worships there

Ni multi handle ya nani


:D:D:D:D hebu niambie banaaaa

[SIZE=2]abibas juu chini[/SIZE]


@Electronics4u hebukuom kiasi