I’m scheduled to start working from there for the next 3 months and it’s in line with the 2023 general elections but such atrocities are getting me worried…don’t even get me started with my siblings asking me not go ever since the presidential convoy was attacked just some few months ago.


Shitty country,no wonder they refuse to go back to their country when they come to KEnya for secondment.

Be brave…nothing to fear anywhere…as long as u use your brain like now…just…

…do due diligence…

and be yourself in diff setting

Go to the North and Meet Fulani Herdsmen, Hausa bandits, Boko Haram and ISWAP

Go to the Southwest and Be kidnapped for Money rituals

Go to the South East/South South and be killed by Unknown Gunmen

The situation is very tense up there

By design…redesign or go back to your mama house…pun intended

Can’t be Cunt Naija…

kaa kwa mamako priss…who knows u knows huwes…fuata mawaidha ya wanaokujua

Depends where you will stay…but truth is you can never trust a Nigerian!

Which region are you going to?


What job do you do? I’m looking for work at the moment. Just be careful when you travel to that place. Halafu ingia to get updates on the status of the country.

Field work? Office Job? Pay? Risk allowance?

Chedaz ikiwa poa mi naenda.

3 months is enough time to fwak hausa ladies

I do a lot of things but for this project I’m part of a larger team that is being sent by the political consulting department within the firm I work for. We are working with one of the presidential campaign teams to help them manage the various factors and challenges they are currently facing. My focus is more on the financial part of things to enable them run a smooth and flawless campaign, that’s my speciality.

I’ll be canvassing through five major cities. Lagos, Abuja, Aba, Port Harcourt and Kano

70% of the time will be spent in the office while 30% is field work but I’ll have to travel quite a lot.
Figures playing around 35,000-50,000USD for the 3 months I’ll be there inclusive of risk allowance. Everything else is catered for from accommodation, travel and logistics expenses with full reimbursable expenses on any other work related costs that I may incur.

Effidence…else ni hekaya za jaba

Nyi wote ni waoga. Mnaogopa kwenda kwa Land of kings and princes Oga


Safe travels. Enjoy the rich culture and cuisine.

Go make money. People are going to fight in Ukraine for less.

The last three are very very dangerous especially at this time. Have been in Port Harcourt for three years and will be leaving before elections. Aba is to the extreme…they have a strict stay at home every Mondays by the Biafra Militias…