Nigeria to enforce the principle of reciprocity in granting permission to airlines.


Do me, I do you

That has always been Nigerias mode of operation! Those ogas are savages

I wonder which country is willingly welcoming Nigerians…They are disliked world over

Who wants to jet there anyway?

Even Kenya should do the same!

The only country Kenya can lecture ni bongo, we got no spine when it comes to any country even the chokosh western Europe shitholes. Nilishaangaa when I saw one former member of Czech republic parliament running a business in one of the remotest ushago apa Kenya na ako na prison ya kutia wanakijiji who steal from him,yes the guy operates a prison here .

Walisumbua sana wa chinese when Corona started,hadi no one wanted to rent to them

Sijaelewa hapa, prison for jailing lawbreakers ?which remote place is this ?

Wale ni kichwa ngumu

i would suggest Victoria island sir

USA ilishasema hata VISA na greencard haiwes pea OGA boyz

Inbox me the locality of that illegal prison, something can be done about it.

Oga boys fvcked up banks in UK big time…they used to take huge loans then after a few months fly back to Nigeria and send the UK banks the Oga’s death certificate. Only for the negro to fake passports and return as Obifemi Martins.

:smiley: am imagining the managers face when guy goes back to the same bank for another loan and denies being the first guy

People dislike nigerians but they are also the most successful Africans everywhere… Even foreigners coming to Africa dislike Nigerians because they are not docile and worship foreigners. I have seen europeans recommend other europeans to not go to Nigeria and instead kenya because ‘‘Nigerians’’ hate europeans. With hate he meant that nigerians dont worship europeans.

Godbless nigeria. Their behaviour is that of a reflection of the most populous african country, and they are proudly african in their behaviour.

Hapa nakubaliana na wewe kabisa!
If all Africans can get that Nigerian attitude of not worshipping white people l,we would instantly start commanding some bit of respect internationally.
If you’ve ever traveled outside the country alafu kukuwe na issue kama ndege delay na airline inataka kuruka ama any other minor issue na ukuwe amidst naijas watateta hadi msikizwe no matter where.Wako roho juu sana.
Also those people saying who would want to go to Nigeria need to understand a market of more than 200Million people is not one that can be ignored easily.

Exactly… Nigeria will always be the giant of Africa as long as it is the most populous african country. What is different with Nigeria compared to other African countries is that nigerians are entrepreneural minded and if you go there their buissness arent dominated by foreigners compared to other African countries. This is what i love about nigeria and nigerians. Even when i traveled to europe, if it wasn’t a nigerian who owned the african shop then it was a ghanian.