Nigeria President visit to Doha, Qatar rejected. Told to re-apply again in 2023

Hadi prezzo wao amekuwa pariah hahah


Ata Trump alimkataa

Walitolewa kwa green card pia :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Wth :D:D:D. Kumbe Americans na wao wanawafinya chini ya maji. At this point, Igbos wapatiwe Biafra yao alafu Yoruba na Hausa wasplit even. Nigeria should be decimated to 4 countries for it to work

Nope ,I dont encouraging splitting as the day Nigeria gets it right ,it will be a magnet that will pull the rest of Africa along with it.


They will NEVER get it right. At this moment in time, they are heading for a full on collapse because their state is in the secondary stage of complète implosion.

OGA thugs , hata prezzo wao ni yahoo boyz,

Yani an Oil rich country inadharauliwa hivi

:D:D:Dawa wanafaa kuandikwa mahali kwa Guinness book… Shitizens wana chomea hadi prezzo wao:D

Kenyans msipochunga mtafika hapo

Huyu Sasa ako zake [MEDIA=twitter]1566842882752905220[/MEDIA]

Hallucinations. Akina Qatar huwa wanapata some quality jets from US and Canada while Nigeria doesn’t.

I agree with this statement but unfortunately, the North with an average IQ of 60 is bogging down the South with an average IQ of 90. SA was supposed to be our only hope but they have 5M wazungus, 5 million!!! That’s the size of a small European country like Norway, Suomi and Sverige.

Without them SA, would be worse than Kenya.

Hawa watu ni bad news everywhere:D