Nigeria paternity fraud,,,,,, copied

Over 25% of men tested at Nigeria’s premier DNA testing facility are not the biological fathers of their ‘children’? And Nigeria is one of the most religious nations on Earth? We have the largest church auditorium on the planet. We go on pilgrimage to Mecca and Jerusalem in record numbers. We even campaign in churches to ‘take back your country’. And now this? We accuse politicians of rigging elections, yet our women are rigging pregnancies? This is so heartbreaking. Meanwhile, Japan, which is a Shintō country, has one of the lowest rates of paternity fraud on Earth and are generally a most honest people. How has religion helped us in Nigeria?


Vitu zile Mimi husoma hapa makes me question white man religion.

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Usherati uko kila mahali

Religion has been a massive failed experiment in Africa…high cases of corruption yet majority of our people are religious. Make it make sense.