Nigeria nikubaya

Road construction in Progress somewhere in Nigeria. Communities are busy stealing the gravel.
They will resell the gravel to buy food.

A nation that cannot feed it’s own is bound to suffer such looting.

That country is so corrupt everybody wants to leave. No wonder they are scattered everywhere in the world.

Hii tutaiona kama propaganda ya Kenya, hii wiki haishi.

Looks bad but this this is fair distribution of corruption at all levels, from those awarding contracts, supervising, suppliers, building to wananchi… Kila mtu anachukua share yake. If the government does not take serious steps to stem corruption we will get here sooner rather later.

a governor in nigeria appointed his wife as minister of love in his cabinet:D

Just like Somalia.


We are not very far, have you forgotten that there was a county that had an embassy in Germany with the governor’s daughter as the envoy

Which one?

Vihiga county under Akaranga.

If I am not wrong I think it was Vihiga- Moses Akaranga

Tuwache please. Birrionaires in the house are products of graft. its our culture

Those naijas are nilotes I think… Just compare with their bros here and u see no diff. Or ssudan

Kwani wananchi watakula nini

Hate speech.

sasa what is this? SMH


Wah! Hiyo imekamilisha mwaka.

Sijataja mtu mie.

nigerians don’t even surprise me anymore after I read somewhere that someone by the name Emmanuel nwude once sold a fake airport to Brazilian investors at $242 million

Oga boss