Nigeria is like Githurai on steroids

This is a very clear 4K capture of a motorcycle ride from downtown Lagos to Abeokuta. Captures scenes that make driving in Kenya look like a walk in the park.
Out of Lagos, the main roads are interestingly wide, but no matter how far you drive from the city, one constantly feels like they are on Jogoo road

Watching this video will make one realize why Nigerians flock to Kenya and fits into the Githurai vibe

2 hrs chief kwani unafikiria tuko idle kama @captain obvious . we are busy birioneas

Unko nunua Gilbeys bwana.

Sio kwa ubaya uncle. You can watch saa zile unamumunya aunty. :):slight_smile:

Pia wewe uko na nguvu if you watched the whole thingy 2 hours straight.

Tafuta video iko na highlights banae. 2 hours findio ati watching some random guy in Naija driving down some random highway?? Kua serious banae

@mugwanjira wewe ni wochi? Hao ndi wanaweza pata hii time?

Sawa banae. I will ask him to edit and repost the vindeo. Lakini the way I watch any vindeo posted here and whose title I like, is that I click and watch the first 3 or so minutes. If the content still interests me, I watch the rest of it (max 30 minute vindeo); or watch random segments of a long vindeo by forwarding:);):wink:

For example, I will not click on a vindeo entitled “Why Jayden has red eyes” coz the reason is obvious. But I might watch one that says “How weed or vondka causes red eyes”; Or “How Raira emerged tops in his Mechanical Engineering class in Germany

[SIZE=5]The Jamaican is right, two hours of ogling Jogoo road is absurd.

Hakuna trailer ya hiyo video?[/SIZE]

They can be interesting and quite entertaining.

I watched one for Japan. It was a 4k video of a drive from Haneda airport to a hotel.

Ukiona hio unaweza lia haki.

Compared to the bonobos way of doing things, the top notch infrastructure, the organization, the discipline on the roads, and the cleanliness looks so unreal.

Unabaki kujiuliza kwani bonobo ilikosea mungu wapi, ukikumbuka vile jogoo road na most estate roads look like cattle tracks.

Umenikumbusha video ingine ya Tokyo niliona nikajiuliza waafrica walikosea Nini Mungu .
Here is the link if you’re interested in watching.

Almost no Nigerian outside Nigeria wants to ever go back to Nigeria. This characteristic is shared by people from Cameroon. Most of the blacks crossing the Mediterranean sea are from these countries and most black prostitutes europe are from Nigeria. I have always wondered how bad are conditions in Nigeria?

I have watched just few sections of the video and one notable thing is lack trees, everything has been cut. Because of the large population in Nigeria and negative ethnicity, it safe to guess that conditions will remain that way for a very long time to come

Seems like tunafanana na weird interests except that I watch the ones from Japan too, I especially like the ones away from their massive cities. Their tunnel technology is superb, road moja unacount tunnel kama mbao, going through their mountainous landscape, halafu their roads are weirdly clean almost like you’re watching a render of a road that hasnt yet been built.

Asante mkubwa. Nitaipitia

Thanks for the link. I will definitely watch this tonight. The beauty of youtube is that you can travel without leaving your home and learn something in the process

Njia ni kama ya Need For Speed.

The tunnels in Switzerland between Lugano and Zurich is amazing… almost similar… i never take a plane when travelling from southern Europe to north but a train or a bus trans-versing through the slopes of mountainous areas of Switzerland.


Too long banae.

Japan ata richest European countries hawezi wafikia. They are on a class is their own. 2-3 years ago when i had the time I would watch such. They are both ancient and timeless and thoroughly modern at the same time.