nigeria is fucked up!!!

not Nigeria.
Africans and Blacks are fucked up.
we don’t respect or treat each other with dignity yet we want the world to treat us better.

i will always be mesmerized by how the whites colonized our minds.
good for them.

africans have sooo much animosity towards other africans , their society is broken and divided . There is literally no love in the streets and i have a feeling a huge war will break kenya in the near future … i experienced unnecessary coldness from ppl who didnt need to …when a society is full of selfish , competitive , greedy or over ambitious people who don’t care abt others , just know a war is near …we just need a spark and BOOM !

I always believe that war is the final step in a situation where issues are not addressed.
Very accurate way you’ve placed it.

and am sure it’s not only in Kenya but most if not all of Africa.
one day we will fight against each other as a country or together as a country versus other countries just like SA (xenophobia)
the way things are hard, we will view foreigners (only the Blacks) as the ones responsible for our misery and need to be kicked out.

if this is the whites doing, they really fucked our minds.
i tend to think that the physical colonizations was just a bonus to them. they were after our minds.

society always balances

Zile horror story hutoka Nigeria hunifanya nishukuru kuwa mkenya bana.

Uko lagos kuna MA bonobos kama 100 k wanaishi juu ya maji. They shit in the water, wash there, bathe there, drink there and fish there

Kama gani hizo?

Boko Haram

Many years ago I went to school with a girl called Ndorcas Mueni. She was 8 years old. Now her hands were very distinct because she used to chew her fingernails. And she chewed even the meat holding the thumb nail. Her hands were also scrawny or small.

Fast forward I stroll into this very website one day and what do I see??

You guessed it : Mueni’s scrawny appendage. The exact size, the exact hand but it was photographed next to a bottle of whiskey.

Nikashindwa kwani Mueni’s hand never grew up after all these years… na kwani she became an alcoholic???

Turns out the appendage in question belonged to a 36 year old Bukusu man.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

Notice the soft palm. Huyu hata tyre ya gari hawes badilisha. Delicate hand.


I once read the history of this torture method. It goes way back to the Egyptians.

Wakandan, I thought you were about to say it goes back to the triggered Trump supporters.

Black lives matter. George Floyd. Blacks can do no wrong. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Tofauti ya hawa askari na Derek Chauvin ni nini?

Oh wait, Derek Chauvin was white!!!

That makes it worse. Totally unacceptable. Blacks can do no wrong. Black lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Makoko floating slum in Lagos has 10K inhabitants.

As far as treating people somewhat humanely is concerned Kenya is far ahead of most Central and West African nations. But that doesn’t mean our police are not devils. They are just lesser devils

Izo ma university cult/fraternity zenye ni kaa groups za learned mungich, skull harvesting by internet fraudsters for good fortune, regular tribal clashes by herdsmen where death tolls zinashtua, amazing corruption ni kama hawataki other African countries ziwachallenge on the issue etc.

What they dont contextualize in such videos is what will surprise you.

Most likely, these are people from the islamic north torturing the people from south. The source, the british purposely made it that the islamic north would be bigger than the south, so that they could harvest oil from the south.

Am tired of always refering to wakoloni but sometimes and in this case, the neo-colonialists are happy with the status quo

Naijas are truly effed up