Nigeria Has Enough Oil Reserves To Be A Saudi Economic Peer

It still buffles me that there are regular fuel shortages in Nigeria, it is akin to working at Serena Hotel’s kitchen and going to bed hungry due to serving all the food to guests and letting rats steal the rest.

Illegal Refinery

Nigeria now ranks seventh on Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ crude oil production list, according to the organisation’s Monthly Oil Market Report for November, which examined oil production performance in October.

Nigeria’s output was a mere 1.014 million barrels per day in October, ranking seventh after Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq, Angola and Algeria.

2021 Petrol Shortage in Kano

Nigeria used to rank fifth, with countries such as Angola and Algeria behind it in terms of crude oil production.

Nigeria is such a shithole. Their leaders are the shitiest humans to ever ascend into office

Kama sio Wasapere Kenya tungekuwa kama Nigeria.

Shida ya Nigeria just like much of Africa ni IQ …Transplant another race there and see it become another UAE in less than 25 years .
BTW the Nigerian crude-Bonny Light - is the highest quality oil and refiners the world over fight for it

shithole is an under statement , I saw a few weeks ago the government “discovered” a pirate pipeline going 2 kilometers into the sea to load foreign ships with crude

Nigeria should be Africa’s biggest maker of plastic goods and fertilizers lakini Akili hakuna.

Hata stima ni Shida tupu. No wonder Nigerians flock Kenya

Mafuta Yao ni swafii saidi need very little refining

Nigeria is a sad failure and an embarrassment to the human race, no other way around it.

Nigerian oil is equivalent to Congo mineral recourses. It attracts the combined forces of ruthless mafisi from the western world.

It’s because they don’t have Jews who can make those important introductions in the global financial system. It’s not how hard you work but how smart you are, and our leaders don’t know that the secret sauce is building Jewish alliances. By the way wazungu hawana akili sana, they simply let Jews run the show.

Exactly. Can you imagine cattle rustling is still a problem in Kenya today, in 2023 AD? Kweli @Ndindu was right about bonobos.

Shida sio mafuta na shida sio leaders. Shida ni citizens wenyewe.

Don’t be too fast to contemn the shithole
, Just like here we’re a nvchieth maybe abusing you and the main culprit clapping shini ya waba , it’s the same with the world.western countries can’t allow an African country to be a world class economy. They know the potential of Africa that’s why a visionary leader like gadaffi had to be eliminated to pave way for swines who given few dollars they can sell their country to the overlords .
Behind those chaos in Nigeria , CIA and M16 might be pulling the strings happily but a nuclear catastrophe will terminate those white melaninless dogs one day if not total LGBT infiltration

Nigeria doesn’t have a refinery. They export the crude oil then import the refined products. The shortage comes when Nigeria government doesn’t pay to the refinery or tanker ships

Low IQ bonobo victim mentality

Spare me that bullshit. Wasapere are the reason we are a shithole similar to Nigeria. The reason Nigeria is likeiko hivi ni wanton corruption similar to what Agikuyu hold dear. Look at county managed by wakikuyu and say Kisumu or kakamega for example.

Spare me that bullshit. Wasapere are the root cause of problems in Kenya with the thieving habits and grand corruption.

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Dim eyes and baruyas have a communist mentality, they are inclined to and work well in groups than okuyus. Okuyus on the other hand value individualism and individual primitive accumulation, kama okuyu unaweza kosa kasi while having well connected relatives which is not the case for paruyas and dim eyes. That’s why kukiyu counties are shitholes and why they decided to punich the selfish uhulu