Nigeria becoming a more pathetic shithole


And they want to be united?

It’s totally impossible

Thats one shithole no one would pay me enough to live in

Yet these same guys rock and take away all our girls when they move to our country

Na si you also spend your time on ktalk salivating over Ethiopian and Eritrean women? Wacha watu wajienjoy! Aih!

I only ogle Kenyan girls. Specifically from Ukambani, Coast, Nyeri and Marsabit areas

Kila mtu akule kwao

Lunatic nation. Only Ethiopia comes across as being worse. Both are heading for a very bloody civil war in the next 5 years unless their leaders stop acting like they are gods.

Kenya ni yetu sisi sote

Umesahau rwandese girls

Umeosha kuma yako?

Bado, wee umeosha mkundu?

Tunangoja uoshe kuma yako ndio tujue kutaenda aje, yaani umalizane na bafu. Na ukiosha hio kuma yako utumie gunia na omo, ndio upate customer.

Shoga mkuu niaje

Ethiopia and Nigeria in one sentence is total ignorance! How does the two compare?

Nigeria is shit, hata wa change jina ya nchi

Those that move in tend to have money. Women love money regardless of a man’s nationality, age, height, skin colour or race.

What shocked me is their country doesn’t issue birth certificates to its citizens. Shithole tu!

You’re fairly stupid if you cannot see how they compare

  1. Both have the largest populations in SubSaharan Africa
  2. Both are being led by ex-military autocrats
  3. Both have serious ethnic divisions which has resulted in violent clashes
  4. Both have aggrieved ethnic groups that are openly aiming for secession
  5. Both have internet censorship issues, much as Nigeria has recently entered that dictatorial tendency
  6. Both are in economic freefall. The value of the Naira has fallen while Ethiopia is drowning in debt