Nifanye aje hapa

Smells like a trap. You can screw her but by your own terms. Determine the location and time when the action will take place. Do it for fun and don’t accept anything from her. Don’t bang her RAW!!

Get a neutral ground and pound that thing properly, ile yenye ata kama she had sinister plans against you she’l have to shelve win my fren


Hii ndio unaitiwa usituangushe mjamaa

Boss…neutral grounds should be your playground.
Go confirm what ukitaka chochote means…before you whip out ya condoms

wewe enda halafu ukuje kutafuta luther huku


Cheza game home turf. Away ni risky sana

Au neutral ground

Na usiringie paka. Its hard to come by nowadays bruh

Save a life bro!!!:D:D:D:D

I pity the men who date the ladies in the village, who may have become paranoid since the men here have shown decoded who men really are. I wonder what goes through their minds as they read all these flesh pounding experiences

Play hard to get…am sure she has a pal who is not a momo but with a nyc booty and well to do…that is where you need to focus…achana na first offers!!!

Talkers are the luckiest ninjas that I’ve interacted with, turning down offers from very beautiful n independent women. Nionyeshwe hao wamadha wako wapi pia mimi ni turn down hizo offer zao for over 2 months na nikatae kabisa even after calling me for hours on end

Accepting any and every cat you are offered is not a very smart way to live.

What if the talker never gets any. And the closest he gets to cat is when The Aerial Battalion comes here to fantasize?
What would expect the said talker to do except be green with envy?

Then he should take matters into his own hands.

i lost interest after reading that part

Lenga Hii stori. A pussy without a chase isn’t worth climbing.
Hata paka akipata panya amekufa haezi mla!!

She stays in Komarocks ama? Seems I know her

mmh kupiga bishop RKO ama?

I think its about natural law or somethin like that… ikitaka sana haupati. ukitakikana hautaki…
when ur demand is high then u be scarce…its tge only way you will survive.