Nicki minaj speaks out about her abortion

The ‘Anaconda’
hitmaker knew at the
time she couldn’t go
ahead with the
pregnancy because she
wasn’t in a position to
care for a baby
She added: “It’d be
contradictory if I said I
wasn’t pro-choice. I
wasn’t ready. I didn’t
have anything to offer a
Nicki, 32, has used her
music to express her
feelings about the
abortion, touching on
what happened on the
track ‘Autobiography’,
from her 2008 mixtape
‘Sucka Free’, and on her
single ‘All Things Go’ -
which features on her
latest album ‘The

murderer o_O

@ann, my sympathy

@sam: He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first. King James 8, 7

@Breizh that’s not normal sin, that’s serious sin

And is it no sin in your opinion that Kenyan men do not care for their children born out of wedlock? On the other side I also cannot understand Kenyan women who do not use contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Everybody can have fun but everybody should do all that after 9 month no unwanted baby will see the light of day.

I always say that everybody should take responsibility, if you are bold enough to lie down without protection then stand up and provide, both of you.

still a murderer

i agree with Breizh…most women who do this its not coz they want…who wudnt to have a kid at somepoint in life…it comes down to timing,background,n morals…