Nick Ruto Doesn't Belong To The Hustler Nation.

There’s no difference between Him and the likes that his father The DP, is all over the country branding as Dynasties.
Ama kuna tofauti ? @sani , kazi kwako, give it a spin.

nakubaliana na wewe.Nick will have to make his own name first at the bar otherwise he will end up like mutula kilonzo jnr or sakaja, knows for their empty quotes but no action, because they went to parliament on other people’s fame

Mutula jr alisaidiwa na babake sana.

During Goldenberg hearings the dad gave him a chance to shine. He bottled it.

He’s a bad lawyer

Kuna old dynasties and new dynasties.
By the way even Musalia is dynasty only that he didn’t fully capitalize.

He’s a very chilled guy though. Hananga maneno mob and unlike the other children of the ‘dynasties’, very humble.