Nick Mwendwa rearrested

Embattled Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nick Mwendwa was on Friday re-arrested a day after the State failed to prefer charges against him over alleged misappropriation of funds at FKF.

The federation’s Chief Executive Officer, Barry Otieno, said Mwendwa was being held at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters along Kiambu Road in Nairobi.

Thought it was illegal to charge one on the same offence?

Maybe the charge sheet reads different.

May be alipatikana akiwa nosokoto wa bangi, you never know.

I love this. Kutolewa nyama kwa mdomo.

The bromance that existed between DCI and ODPP ended…Kila MTU kuoperate Pekee…again it will be Kanata Kanata Friday with no evidence to charge him

Wasn’t aware the two had ever gotten along to begin with.

atapewa anticipatory bail by corrupt judiciary

At some point they were, even giving joint statements.

The law allows the state to withdraw charges because of things like availability of witnesses, inadequacy of evidence or whatever. The same law allows the state to re arrest and charge the accused person/suspect if circumstances change.

Now, that is quite different from a discharge, where the court discharges the accused person/suspect after it determines that the state does not have sufficient evidence or that the witnesses are unlikely to attend court. When a accused person/suspect is discharged, the state cannot arrest or charge on the same facts. The state cannot arrest and charge a person a fresh for a crime for which she has been either acquitted or found guilty and convicted.

But as @JM. Pombe says, labda raundi hii alipatikana na msokoto. Maybe he is being charged for the same crime but the facts are different - for example, that the crime was committed on a different date and place.