nick diaz vs conor mcgregor 2

At what GMT+3 time + who has the link and most important of all. Where your money @?

This will be an epic fight

Nate Diaz not Nick Diaz…my money is on Nate

I hope Nate shuts up that whining Irish cunt.

Leo ni leo. You read minds. I was planning on starting this thread but you beat me to it. Niko TEAM DIAZ

Ni Nate Diaz…Nick is his older brother…also a badass

The UFC have posted their first fight for free on youtube. Here is the link to their first fight:

for UFC to be more entertaining, wacha McGregor ashinde hii kitu, lakini Nate ni some bad ass Gringo

Am Really dissapointed by the outcome! Bt that KO by rumble on Glover texeira is epic…13 second mtu ako out! Noma ssana!

Same case here

That fight was boring. I am not itching to watch a third fight any time soon. They gave the win to McGregor to force a trilogy.

In such close fights, a win is usually given to the reigning champion. McGregor is a champion in the featherweight division, so he was awarded the win. Check Jones vs Gustafsson fight…it was a very close fight and most people thought Gustafsson won, but Jones was given the win. To beat a champion, you have to do so convincingly.