Niche marketing

Hi kTalkers, this is my first thread, post and time on the forum as a member. I have been following some threads from before which specifically are about online biz.

Straight to the question: Have any of you tried the niche marketing business from Kenya. I’m talking about having a website and selling stuff from Amazon etc? I’m interested in knowing whether somebody in Kenya can gainfully make some side cash from that area, the experiences etc…

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts…

What are you advertising in short?

It’s more of marketing. You pick a product from eBay, Amazon etc. Then create a website …like a store or blog. You get commissions from people who buy from your site. It’s almost like drop-shipping in a way.


just say Amazon associate /Amazon affiliate for easy understanding.
If your target market is .Ke utaumia, the % of those who buy stuff online is small


Yep, that’s the one. .Ke market ni diambo btw, target ni mayolo. I saw some similar affiliate program by Jumia(KE), but like you said, not many online shoppers around.