Nichague gani?


Mpaka sculpture ya mtoto? What is that for by the way?

@Blacks4Trump the catfisher umbwaaa

Am a primary school teacher [ATTACH=full]281820[/ATTACH]


Wacha mchezo

Hii naweza kamuwa vilivyo !

:D:D:D had not seen that ! may be makes abortion simpler !

Let the inbox games begin

That is not proof. Hold a piece of paper written today’s date and liwe liwalo.


Wapi msito @rexxsimba

naona ime censor jina @b0rt!oN

Najua ushatangulia. Lazma Unawashwa vidole sana.


Wewe ndio mtu huingiza Tu kichwa anagundua he has been conned.

Hii hatujaamini let’s proof

ongeza effdens

In the words of Glen Quagmire, I was born 9 times that day.

I love your brain juices esp after you quote family guy