Nice guy syndrome

Well am a nice guy, could have developed it after violence nliona nikiwa mtoi ama due to my strict father(very), I avoid situations that lead to confrontation, am conditioned to behave in a certain way that is to society standards meaning I don’t drink neither do I chase skirt. Due to this I have developed a high sense of discipline that makes me excessively serious - for instance I have shop dealing with household items( matters,carpets utensils etc) , well I have employed a young lady and I find myself I am always get serious with her - I analyse the books, talk shop stuff and nothing more hata joke simake Na yenye. Also am studying and at school am still the same - very serious guy only discussing about schoolwork. So from outside someone would see me as the ‘guy’ yaani due to the fact I look to have everything under control but deep inside am empty - I feel have no genuine connection to people - the only time I feel alive is when am doing something that scares me ama when i have tasted a drink. So whenever nikionja something I feel at peace, I can let down my guard alittle - and I tend to have genuine talks with people even with my shopkeeper when on other days I would just buy my stuff be on my way. Kijiji my question is should I use this alcohol to intergrate my personality ama should leave it all together? Feel free kunipiga sweep

You’re in the last stage of becoming gey

Leta digits za shopkeeper kwanza halafu tuta-intergrate your personality baadaye.

But uko sawa vile uko. Don’t try to please anyone and everyone. Why would you feel obligated to entertain kungurus at work? That ain’t your business. They must put rispek on your name otherwise mkizoeana they’ll piga you character development ushangae. Just keep the environment friendly enough and the rest should fall in place.

Haukunywi mara unakunywa… Decide kwanza kwa story yako

Look up how Clinical psychopathy manifests

Neva Eva I’d rather cut off my balls

Well I admire psychopaths the functional ones, due to to their ruthlessness and lack of empathy they always get to the top in the food chain ama wateva they do but thats not me

Frequency yangu ya kunywa- once in a month, reasoning of asking nliona thread flani watu wakiregret their biggest fuack up was alcoholism

Next utasnap kama mwendwa Wasim umange huyo nice lady mbaya sana after apoteze shilingi

Uko Tu Sawa. It’s not your duty and responsibility to please other. Maisha ni yako jibambe kivyako.

I wish ninge wacha pombe. I admire the displine it takes to do so

If it does apply to your close family members and a few genuine friends, maintain.

Uko tu sawa. However when you start engaging females/dating jaribu kukua easy and approachable. The lamest excuse a married woman used ndio anipee kinembe ilikua sijue bwana chake ni mtu serious sana.

Mwanaume anafaa kuwa serious hivo. Don’t change. Opposite ya hio ni simp.

Ukiendelea kuongea ivi usishangae you can’t connect with people … Acha kuongea kama some English kamusi it sounds so boring

Alafu chasing skirt is too natural, just embrace it you aren’t admitting here what you do when the urges kick, kama staring at ass, admiring faces, chests, feminine voices

thread closed:D:D:D

Weirdly a married colleague said the same to me before mechi

Not really integrate, but next time either kunywa kiasi ukuwe aware of the changes, ama ujivoicerecord after drinking. Hapo utaeza kunote the differences between what you do/say drunk and how you do/say it

@Hamas23 is @Taliban the same guy who was soliciting advice on a different thread. The names are too similar

Ile super thread imekauka andika hekaya moja chafu ya mwisho