ni wetu, lakini sazingine anatubeba ufala



I thought uhuru fought these stuff but rigathi is the one in control now, he can end those illicit brews once and for all.

Most of those manufacturers are just from the neighbors and his friends.

Rigathi is a truthful man, he doesn’t lie. Ethanol is made from raila molasses plant, a plant that is valued at 50 billion. The government should move quickly and close that plant before mganga kill more central youths

So ni Raila anaenda Nyeri kulazimisha watu wakunywe pombe?

I’m sure you also blame Trump for your erectile dysfunction.

So was this plan hatched during the moi, kibaki or uhuru regime?


This is a man so keen on becoming kingpin of a region that he’d blame ghosts and introduce Boogeymen (of course it’s Raila and Uhuru) in order to get support.
I’d be wary. We’re dealing with a coward who doesn’t want to actually face issues head on or even act responsible for a country.
But of course, the people love someone who relieves them the burden of thinking.

I thought that was his father Moi’s doing? This man is a fool.

kula block sahii kagegege kula block ! Kuna level ya ujinga inafaa ibaki kwa whatsapp groups ya watu wa kwenyu. :D:D:D:D

Don’t feed the troll.


Hata nyinyi si msema ukimwi ni kuwekewa Kwa hospitali? Mbwa wewe

Alcohol and jiggers were introduced in central Kenya as chemical and biological weapons respectively. Take that from a published scholar.

Kama ni publications, si hata hizi posts zetu kenya talk ni ma publication?
Au aje ka prof maghreb?

Wasapere hakuna sherehe waneza fanya bila kanywaji. Hata Sheikh @mayekeke lazma afiche kamzinga chini ya meza.

@magreb anakuanga mjinga saa zingine. Its like he switches his brain on and off. He always tries to peg his arguments on scientific experiments, just goes to show how low self esteemed he is he gotta quote such to feel good.

Uko na degree kweli master?

Pombe haikujangi kwa mtu and knock on the door. Watu ndio hutafuta pombe.

Ata ikipelekwa Djibouti utapata watu wanaiendea huko. Hapa ndio huwa nasema wacha mwenye atalewa alewe.

His thinking never leaves Mathira and he likes stereotyping regions akienda nyanza oh raila this and that yet Raila has always been Nairobi’s MP

This is smartest Kikuyu kingpin which is historical.

Kibaki warned teachers against drinking while on duty,the youth against excessive drinking without any melodrama ya hii kagege.

This is not far fetched. If you want to bring down a community, first discredit their family structures. And which easier way than bringing down their men first? I can bet you 3/5 single mothers in Nairobi are from said tribe.

Siku ile tutakutana, I will show no mercy.

Priss make sure umekuja na wheelbarrow na shovel. Ng’amia.

Soon utasema those molasses fumes made you turn geyy Screenshot_20220816-202610.png