Ni Ukweli...the WSR team was spying on Uhuru & Raila using Pegasus, with Uganda's help

Remember when one of Raila’s guys claimed that WSR was using M7 government crooks and Pegasus to spy on Uhuru and Raila from Naguru, Kampala? Well, this article reaffirms the belief that this spyware must have been used to spy on PORK and RAO. They were caught red-handed (Ugandans) spying on US officials and this has led to NSO group (creators of Pegasus) being blacklisted from doing business with US entities, same way they did to Huawei in China. Whatever you do in the dark will one day come to light. In Paulo Coelho’s words - “There’s no such thing as a coincidence”…palipo na moshi hapakosi moto.

Read for yourself:

First the Washington Post article posted today:

Articles posted more than 2 months ago detailing what WSR is doing with the support of M7:

To add on, Einstein once said “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”. God is revealing to us what kind of a ruthless, egotistical and malicious dealer (yes, dealer - not leader) that WSR is. If you can enlist the help of your neighbour to spy on your boss, you are pure bullshit or ‘kasasiro’ as the Ugandans would say.


You proudly list gutter press as credible sources of information?

Notice the use of the word ‘At least’ meaning they were more; and the explicit mention of UG and East Africa…[ATTACH=full]401877[/ATTACH]

So the good press ni hao ma-novice wenyu wa Hustler Nation Investigation Bureau? Ghesia takataka. Tafuta kiti ukae paleee…wazee wakiongea!

Democracy dies in darkness

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For those saying that ati I quoted githeri media, soma hii thread mwanzo then ubishane later:


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Judging the two photos, ya kina Uhuru inakaa ni a friend calling on a friend; the other one is a mafioso meeting. You be the judge!

we can achieve nothing without regional stability. half the east african presidents hate Raila. The other half don’t respect him.

Does that justify spying on them? Tumia akili nanii…akili apana kofia!

No, I am not part of that mess


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Mubaba quoting stupid sources

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