Ni Saba Saba, Kama Wewe Sio Mtoto Wa Cerelac You Know Ilikua NOMA! Miaka Ya Early 1990s

Siku za MOI akibana multiparty. Many lost their lives and many were maimed.

If you know you know



We have multipartism. But everyone gravitates towards a single head. The only meaningful alternate party is Railas party.

Ad on the then Newspaper is for a bank called Trade Bank.
Hio bank ilienda na pesa ya watu wengi sana.

Huyo muindi wa Trade bank hako Calgary Alberta pale Canada. Amenukisha kitunguu mbaya sana na pesa zenu. Hako na high end condos kibao, Casino etc.

The bank was looted dry by biwott and cash was used to build yaya centre and biwott never repaid the cash.

Biwott was the jabazi sugu lenye miraba miine of the 1990s.


Trade Bank was reported to have offered a Ksh900 million loan to Biwott in the 1990s who allegedly never repaid, according to historians David Throup and Charles Hornsby in their 1998 book, Multi-party Politics in Kenya.
Hornsby added that Trade Bank was “75 per cent owned by Israeli Gad Zeevi and Biwott” with Zeevi as a director despite being founded by Kassam.
Zeevi’s and Biwott’s other firm known as HZ Group was by then constructing the iconic Yaya Centre and Yaya Towers in Hurlingham, Nairobi, but reportedly advancing the loan under the table.
This led to liquidity problems and when Kassam who founded the bank reportedly questioned Biwott over the repayments, he was threatened with deportation and he fled to Canada.
Biwott and Zeevi also fell out after Biwott allegedly swindled him and another Israeli Vaizman Aharoni ownership in multi-billion shilling companies that they jointly owned.
Zeevi was a close friend of a famous British-born Israeli spymaster David Kimche while Aharoni was associated with the Israeli’s Mossad spy agency.
It was reported that Biwott lived in fear of his life after crossing paths with the two men - hence his legendary paranoia.

I remember this day like it was yesterday.
Walked home from primary school after head teacher called an impromptu school assembly and told us that the only way to ensure our safety from the GSU was to walk in large groups as there was no public transport. The fear and uncertainty was so real it felt like you were in a foreign country.
If that is what being in a war ravaged country feels like wacha Amani idumu…

nili tafuna teargas tao mara kadha nikiwa primo I remember running with the crowd to Ebrahims super market hapo ronald ngala to take cover

Lakini Biwott never enjoyed his loot. Msee hakuwa hata na simu na alikuwa msee wakubebewa hata kwa boot. He owned Air Kenya, Mugoya Construction, Yaya Center. Mugoya built Teleposta Towers and many shoddy roads together with HZ Company.

Ulikuwa moi avenue ama catholic parochial?

wee wacha…He owned Mugoya? Which road was constructed by Mugoya?..

I must be confusing between HZ and Mugoya. HZ built mny roads including sections of MSA Rd

Met him several times my former bosss was a jew and he used to drop in surprise visits in some beatup peugout with 4 body guards, sad life of thinking everyone is out to kill you !

na wa Delphis ako wapi ?

:D:D:D were we in the same school chief?. Same thing happened to me,nilijipata natembea na GSU na watoi wa shule zingine