Ni moshi wallai

They didn’t have a care in the world and they were living in the moment, but now they’re starting to push 60… and in 12 years they’ll be retired. Sad!

Those are late 70s, early 80s haircuts. Time flies. We only have a short time in this world. I have videos of my teens and I remember exactly where I was at that moment. When I start to think where I will be in the same time frame next, its chilling.

Kwani wewe ni dynasty…videos of your teens from 70s and early 80s?

You know in the 80s hata video camera was only owned by KBC. Na zilikua kubwa, they used to have a video cassette for recording.

So ulikuwa child actor pale KBC ama:D?

Tafouti yenu na sisi Pokot … ni ati hatuogopi kifo … ni hayo tu.

Wanakaa msenge mchafu @Mshutaji Hodari na his step brother all hiv positive and LGBT