Ni mimi ama ni ka vodoo

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Mixing vodka with energy drink can cause cardiac arrest

It can, but…if you have a heart condition,one can is enough to whack you as the vessels narrow. Kawaida people need to have drink a bunch of cans bila vodoski . Remember alcohol is a vasodilator and redbull is opposite

Mumeru niaje

And anxiety. And acid reflux

Maji Moto ni ya nini?

Ni ya kudistill pombe ndio ikuwe na more alkohol content. Shenji wewe hapa sio chemistry klass.

Poa sana mgisu

whats the logic behind taking alcohol and redbull, the effects counteract each other

Very true the dangers, is binge drinking that’s what researchers warn against. Coz huskii ukilewa.

If you Google the danger of vodka and energy drink, hakuna kitu kaa cardiac arrest, utapata ni binge drinking , accidents, risky behavior.

Niaje muomba pombe , acha kunitajataja na uniblock Kama unataka peace of mind

It’s a very stupid idea to mix vodka with energy drink. Just use ice or cold water.