Ni Lazima Uchunge Babako Mlevi

No more saying “babangi hakutulea”. You must fess up the dough for your drunk father

Jamaa probably watoto wake wamemtupa.

if you have to take your very capable kids to take care of you, you are a silly failure who should cut off their nuts and flush them down the toilet. Getting kids to like you is not that hard. All you have to do is show up, and not be an asshole

One should not be a burden to others ukishazeeka.
But that does not mean i will not support my old parents.
Sitasumbua watoto wangu.

Men who were assholes to their kids and always compared them to their more hardworking cousins deserve nothing in this life.

Mzee atafute kazi kama wanaume wengine.

Leta helkaya elder kabla uchukue kamba na mawazo

Now you’re a motivational speaker?