Ni Kunoma wadau


This unfortunate turn of events is indicative of the seriousness of COVID-19. Substandard PPE is one factor that NTV’s Dennis Okari identified.

Airheads like @Black Panther still think (sic) that Corona is fake and the above doctors would have died anyway in the long run from other causes including old age…shenji kabisa.

Wakufe tuuu…they just excel at overcharging and delivering substandard medical services.

Weeeh hapana without doctors we’ll be fucked

Let them diiiieeee

Yaaaaa. Until you lose a family member or a v close friend.

have mercy

Sema unataka tukuje cyber kugoogle WebMD. Umbwa

A bunch of nurses at our hospital quit after the first wave which messed up the staffing ratios. Now the ones who are left are threatening to go on strike in 2 weeks, during Thanksgiving Holiday. Mind you they’re not complaining about money but being overworked and potentially sacrificing their lives to covid. Great!

Maan… Ni sawa.

Waah i thought its better on your side, it was lugaliki now faith is gone great collegues.

Bure kabisa ,ukifaint Kwa cyber Nani atakusaidia.

You overrate these doctors. In Kenya you’re on your own. Mtu anakucharge over a million for a one month hospital stay sio daktari, that’s a violent robber. Wakufe kabisa.

How old was Faith and what specialty? Are you guys being given fit-tested N95 masks? Not the kawaida n95 but the ones specifically tailored to your facial anatomy. That’s what we have over here. In my specialty I think our Chair has done a great job of availing PPE, we have no complaints except that none is too keen on being around the infected. But what can we do? These patients need our help in their desperate moments.

But it’s not the doctors who charge patients. You forget that doctors in most cases are also employees. If you ever feel that you’ve been overcharged simply take your complaints to the billing department wakupatie breakdown ya invoice. Also, million bob for a whole month hospital stay where someone is being cleaned, treated, fed, housed 24/7 is quite affordable. Everything is expensive so you can’t fault the hospitals either because they have utility bills, salaries and suppliers to compensate.

Its sad…I have a close relative 60+ years ako na covid and he’s been charged 75k per day, ako icu banae. Alafu mjue gava imesema haitagharamia covid patiets on nhif we are on our own. Ukifika stage ya kuwekwa icu, you either die or become broke

meaning if few dies if you got cash you get services…wakufe nusu yao

Uyo bazu ameshaishi ya kutosha. Mtoeni kwa ventilator muache kuharibu pesa bure hapo. Covid is just a globalist scam

Tuko pambaya